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Rosie is done nursing. 37

Rosie is done nursing.

I remember how much I first struggled to get Rosie to nurse when she was a newborn. She wouldn’t latch on.  She just wouldn’t.  She arched her back and screamed. I didn’t know what to do. I thought she hated me.  I remember one night, when we’d only been home from the hospital for maybe a day or two, I laid her down on the bed and sobbed and sobbed because I was certain she hated me and that was why she reacted so strongly every...

Co-sleeping and Child Led Weaning at Age Four. 4

Co-sleeping and Child Led Weaning at Age Four.

Another day of being alone.  Thankfully Tyler will be off this weekend, because I’m not sure how much more I can take.  He came home from work at 4 in the morning, then slept until 1.  At 1 he got up and we ran to the store to arrange for the appraiser to come tomorrow to price tile floors for the kitchen and bathroom.  (That’s what the in-laws are getting us for Christmas!)  It’s estimated at $2,800 including the tiles and installation. ...