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Ada meets the snow. 1

Ada meets the snow.

Ada met the snow for the first time yesterday.  It went like this: Rosie loves the snow. Ada started saying, “What’s that?” today.  She says it like, “Hut dat?” It might not be discernible to anyone who hasn’t been listening closely to her babble for the past few months, but I made a video of it anyway. At the end she repeats me saying “bless you”.  She repeats scrambled versions of a lot of stuff we say!  I think she’s going to be...

Christmas Day. 1

Christmas Day.

Christmas morning at home…Rosie hoped Santa would bring her a doctor kit and he did! Christmas was fun this year.  Rosie was incredibly excited and Ada frantically tried to eat wrapping paper and tape and tags. Then we went to my parents’ house for lunch… We had a great Christmas. It was Ada’s first Christmas, and it was a white Christmas. My house is a disaster and we are all exhausted!

Christmas Eve. 0

Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve at my in-laws’ house… And then he threw up, right in the seat belt hole in the bottom of the seat…apparently he’d snacked on cat food prior to getting in the car. (Tyler’s brother.)

8 Months. 2

8 Months.

It’s been 8 months since the most amazing day ever. I gave birth to my sweet squishy Ada in our bed, in the same spot we’re snuggling in right now as I write this. I caught her with my own two hands while the midwife stood back and made the video. I did it!  I grew her in my womb, felt the top of her head inside of me as I dilated, and I was the first person to hold her. The other day...

The Necklace Saga. 0

The Necklace Saga.

For Rosie’s first birthday Tyler’s Granny gave her this little locket.  At the time I didn’t realize the significance of it–our lives were somewhat disorganized, we were just getting started out on our own and everything.  I remember we put the necklace on Rosie for his Granny to see, and later Rosie was tugging on it and fearing it would break I took it off and stuck it…somewhere. A year or so later Tyler’s Granny brought over this extremely expensive and out of...

The Progress of Nosey Puppy. 1

The Progress of Nosey Puppy.

Last month I decided I wanted to get Ada a pull toy doggy for Christmas.  I searched and searched but I couldn’t find one I liked.  None were cute enough, none looked like our dogs so that Ada would recognize it.  She loves dogs so much for some reason. Then I saw Fisher Price Nosey Puppy #445 from the 1950’s. I found one for sale on Etsy for just a few dollars… He was in sad condition, but I had to buy him! On the other side of his...

Christmas Season! 0

Christmas Season!

We set up our Christmas tree yesterday.  Rosie was bouncing off the walls with excitement.  Ada was in awe. So far Ada hasn’t tried to harm the tree.  We put the non-breakable ornaments towards the bottom just in case.  My real concern is that she’ll try to use a tree branch to pull to a stand and the whole tree will fall over.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!  It’s a small tree, so I’m sure the only real damage would be...