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Christmas Day Photos!

Walking in the living room to see that Santa had arrived… It may look like he didn’t bring much, but Rosie and Ada got iPad minis from us. Small in size, big in dollars. Dimple! Rosie specifically requested a black newborn doll from Santa Claus. I took everything out of the packages and put it into storage tubs before wrapping it so that I wouldn’t have to fool with ripping stuff out of packages on Christmas morning. The clean up was...


Christmas Eve Photos.

Here are some of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures! First our traditional Christmas Eve at my in-laws. I took some pictures before dying of giardia upstairs. Tyler took the later ones. I’ve trained him how to use my camera in manual mode pretty well. Attempts at group pictures…fail. Baby hat hair! This was one of the pictures I took, but I don’t remember it. Random levitation, that’s talent. “IT’S ALMOST TIME TO OPEN THE PRESENTS!” Too excited. Too excited....

Gingerbread house decorating for Christmas. 0

Gingerbread House Decorating!

I never got a chance to post pictures of the kids decorating their gingerbread house a week or so ago. That’s Ada’s special stuffed animal, Birdy. Henry’s hair constantly looks like this in the back. When you get it wet it curls, but it never stays even with gel. I took three pictures in a row, and I realized later in one picture Ada is licking the gingerbread house! This was before he learned to break out of baby jail. It...