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Epic Nom and Flying Pekins. 0

Epic Nom and Flying Pekins.

I made some kind of unholy goodness for supper tonight. Pork chops covered in cream sauce with veggies. Even Tyler ate it, which is saying something.  I didn’t use a recipe, I just mixed together some stuff we had.  I took about two tablespoons of butter, plus a tiny bit extra, and melted it in my cast iron pot until it was bubbling.  Then I threw in chopped carrots, celery, and onion.  (You could also add garlic, but Tyler doesn’t like it.)  I simmered the vegetables until...

Frosty Treasures. 0

Frosty Treasures.

The weather man says it will snow tonight. So far, it’s raining. Nasty, cold, drizzling rain. Rosie is beside herself with excitement over snow coming. She desperately wants to make a snow angel and a snowman. I hope it actually does snow overnight, enough to for her to make a snowman for the first time! It seems like snow here is hit or miss. We either get a lot of snow or none at all. Rosie is also extremely excited about...

Bread. 0


One of Rosie’s favorite frequent activities is to bake bread with me. Lately we’ve been making the bread from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook. It’s so simple and delicious! It’s so easy, actually, that I am thinking of just getting rid of my bread machine. Absolutely all you have to do to make bread that looks exactly like what is on the cover of the book is to mix yeast, salt, and hot water for a second,...