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Longies! 1


I have finally crocheted something successfully. I made Ada a pair of longies.  Crocheting a pair of size 3t longies was no easy feat, but they fit perfectly. I AM SO PROUD!  Now I am going to make her several more pairs, and maybe attempt a sweater. I love them!        

This is Summer. 3

This is Summer.

I’ve been busy living life. Go figure, right? Instagram makes it so easy to snap pictures with my iPhone and create quick memories.  I don’t have a lot of time to edit real photos lately.  I even tested prints from iPhone photos, I got 5×5’s, and they came out great.  The ones I got printed were Hipstamatics.  I bet the Instagrams will be even better!  (I got them printed from WHCC, the professional place I use for clients.) Check out my fridge!  These are the 5×5...

Success! 1


After trying to figure out knitting and/or crocheting for several years, I have finally succeeded!  I’m so excited.  I can do it, I can really crochet stuff, not just make semi-formed thingies. So far I’ve made this little dolly, Sleeping Sarah, who still needs a face. Isn’t she cute?  Ada loves to chew on her hat tip. I also made Ada a hat.  I am debating whether to add ear flaps or kitty ears to it. The hook size I need to make the ear flaps...