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Meet-Up and Duck Face Amos. 0

Meet-Up and Duck Face Amos.

How do I keep running out of time to post here?  I love writing down thoughts and sharing pictures on my blog, if not for any other reason than I enjoy looking back at it years later.  I’ve been doing this for quite some time, since maybe 2002.  I’m too tired to look back and check the date of my very first entry, but it’s been years! I can’t seem to catch up on anything lately.  I need a pause button.  Or maybe a part time...

Backyard. 0


I had to switch antibiotics for my sinus infection because I couldn’t swallow the Augmentin. I kept cutting it into four pieces and it was making me really sick at my stomach and making me poo way too much. I would start getting sick about 15 minutes after taking it every time.  Yuck.  They gave me a Z-Pack instead, but by the time they sent in the prescription and I picked it up, it took a day in between before I got to start taking it. ...

Epic Nom and Flying Pekins. 0

Epic Nom and Flying Pekins.

I made some kind of unholy goodness for supper tonight. Pork chops covered in cream sauce with veggies. Even Tyler ate it, which is saying something.  I didn’t use a recipe, I just mixed together some stuff we had.  I took about two tablespoons of butter, plus a tiny bit extra, and melted it in my cast iron pot until it was bubbling.  Then I threw in chopped carrots, celery, and onion.  (You could also add garlic, but Tyler doesn’t like it.)  I simmered the vegetables until...