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Jaw on the Floor.

Today we went to a church a couple of miles from our new house. On the way there Tyler and I were talking about Max and what we’re going to do. Fundraising basically is going absolutely no where this time. I’m sure it’s because we’ve fundraised so much for other kids over the past few years. People are tired of it. Everyone wanted a happy ending with Igor, and it didn’t happen because it was just harsh reality instead, and now...


And Now For Something Entirely Adorable:

First, apple orchard this weekend! Second, baby guinea pigs! I let them have another litter to replace the one that Igor murdered. I think it’s healing for the girls to have something new and sweet. Shortly after birth: One day old: Two, almost three, days old: Group shot! Four total…FOUR! I think all are boys. From left to right their names are King Xerxes, Lucky the Runt, Uncle Mordecai, and Prince Precious. On the right there is Ada’s guinea pig Prince...

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Watch It!

Check out our video for fundraising. I finally finished it! We’ve decided to call our campaign #igorforever.

Orphan Hosting 0


I’m not sure what to write. Where should I begin? I don’t think I can tell the long story right now, but… This morning I talked to a lady who visited Igor’s orphanage in February. She talked to Igor a lot while she was there. He told her that his mom is disabled and cannot care for him. (Igor has told us in the past they were in a bad car accident when he was little.) Igor says that his mom...

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Unexpected Shock!

Tonight I was going about my business, wrangling small people and such, when I got a message from a local friend. She happened to see this post on the Facebook page of an adoption agency. Apparently this adoption agency has started a Ukrainian hosting program to find adoptive families for older children. Tyler and I both immediately started hyperventilating and had a tug of war over who could grab the laptop and find out more information on their website faster. THAT’S...

A Leap of Faith. 0

A Leap of Faith.

Or in other words: We are crazy. And my husband has apparently joined me on the dark side. You might want to get a snack, because the whole back story here is a little long. I can’t really believe that I’m writing this. You all know how we want to adopt at some point, right? Igor isn’t available for adoption, legally or emotionally. He’s been spending more and more time with his family, leaving the orphanage on weekends. This is hard...

Winter Hosting? 0

Winter Hosting?

After praying about it a lot recently I randomly woke up this morning and felt like now is not the right time to move.  This is crazy, but for some reason I feel completely peaceful about staying in this house for now.  You know how badly I wanted out of here. It seems like every house we would want to buy is about $30,000 out of our price range.  If we wait another year we will probably be able to afford...

What if’s…. 1

What if’s….

I’m having a lot of anxiety. That’s really nothing new considering I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time, but still…anxiety is lame and I dislike it. I’m nervous about K coming. We’ve already got such a good thing going, what if she ruins it?  What if her visit is just horrible? What if she has reactive attachment disorder?  What if it’s just too hard to deal with? What if she hates us?  What if our house is too messy?  I can’t keep...

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I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I feel sad lately.  Weary. Depressed maybe? I want to be pregnant SO BADLY.  Yet I’m not.  Everyone else I know is pregnant or just had a baby.  Even my best friend is pregnant now.  I am overjoyed for her.  I love talking about pregnancy with her.  I am extremely excited to find out if her baby is a boy or a girl, what the baby’s name will be, the baby’s personality, everything.  I just wish I could shut off...