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It’s cool and chilly outside today. It actually feels like fall. I think I have SAD. I’m not a fan of cold weather or winter. I can’t stand gray, dreary days trapped in the house. It makes me anxious and depressed to think of the looming winter. This afternoon I managed to light our gas fireplace in the livingroom. I’ve never had a gas fireplace before. We haven’t turned the heat on in the house yet, and I just decided to...


Our Homeschooling Year.

We started our first week of homeschooling on Monday the 31st of August. Shew. It has been a rough few days trying to get the kids back into a routine of actually doing something. Of course I have all kinds of wonderful expectations and fantasies of how each day will go. Days filled with cheerfulness and glorious learning! Curiosity filled kids, bright sunshine… Annnnd then there’s reality. A screaming toddler creating havoc on purpose to get attention. A whining five year...