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My Niece. 0

My Niece.

Today was the first spring-like day of the season.  We were more than happy to welcome a day of about 60 degrees and sunny.  The last of the snow melted! I found a tiny sign of spring– And some fuzzy seeds getting ready to release from the pod on the tree so they can fall to the ground and grow… Rintoo enjoyed the fresh air too. This evening while Tyler was at work we went over to my in-laws’ house. My...

Snafu & Christmas Pictures. 1

Snafu & Christmas Pictures.

I’m really stressing about how I will get Host Boy from the Atlanta airport.  I keep praying there will be some painless solution.  I know at 8 weeks pregnant  (Click here if you missed it!) I am not going to feel like driving 16 hours round trip alone.  Tyler doesn’t understand, because he’s never been pregnant.  He keeps rolling his eyes and saying I will be fine.  I know it’s not just me…most pregnant women at 8 weeks wouldn’t feel like...

Thanksgiving & Fall Leaves. 0

Thanksgiving & Fall Leaves.

Apparently I thought Host Boy had gotten his visa but that was wrong information because I found out their visa appointment is actually this coming Thursday. I will continue holding my breath until then!  There should be no issues, but you know. The disorganization of Ukraine and timeline for the program is hard.  I desperately need to buy plane tickets to pick up Host Boy at Dulles but I’m not doing it until after he gets his visa at the embassy...

The Funeral. 2

The Funeral.

My grandpa’s funeral was today. It was a small service, only close friends and family.  There wasn’t even an obituary. I played the violin and there was a short sermon type talk given by the minister of the church my grandparents attended. He had a military send off at the graveyard.  Closed casket with an American flag draped over the top.  Soldiers from Fort Knox played taps, saluted, and folded his flag for my grandma.  It was very poignant.  I could...

Holden Beach Day 4: The Wedding. 0

Holden Beach Day 4: The Wedding.

I want to finish posting pictures from our trip to the beach.  I’ve got lots of other things going on to write about.  I still have day five to share after this.  That’s the final day. These are pictures of the wedding.     I loved her dress! Back detail: Someone made her this cool hanger. Peeking through the blinds behind the dress– Getting ready: Beth’s family owns a mill and these were the wedding favors. Weston opening his groom’s gift from...

Visit to Granny’s House. 0

Visit to Granny’s House.

Waiting is hard.  I’m still waiting for everything–for Tyler to get hired on, to be able to move, to ever get pregnant again, and now for K to get here, to see what happens with hosting and adoption. All of the waiting really gets me down.  I feel like I am in control of absolutely nothing.  Because, well, I’m not in control of any of these things.  I can’t make any of it happen faster, or happen the way I want.  I just have...

Grandma. 0


I love these snapshots of my grandma with Ada and Rosie. My grandparents gave Rosie a stick horse for her birthday.  I think it might be Rosie’s favorite gift.   (Wish Rosie would have put her legs down, silly kid.)            

Christmas Season! 0

Christmas Season!

We set up our Christmas tree yesterday.  Rosie was bouncing off the walls with excitement.  Ada was in awe. So far Ada hasn’t tried to harm the tree.  We put the non-breakable ornaments towards the bottom just in case.  My real concern is that she’ll try to use a tree branch to pull to a stand and the whole tree will fall over.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!  It’s a small tree, so I’m sure the only real damage would be...