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Chicken pot pie…oh, bliss! 0

Chicken pot pie…oh, bliss!

20/365 We’re having a snow storm outside.  We’ve gotten 3 or 4 inches in the past three hours.  That’s a lot for Kentucky. Since it’s snowy and blustery out, we needed something warming for supper.  I decided to try to make chicken pot pie from scratch, partly because I’ve been wanting to try it and partly because we have all of the ingredients handy.  I’m not about to drag the girls out in the snow to go buy groceries! I’ve been...

12/8/2010 0


I may not be able to find that patience in a bottle, but I have figured out a trick. Rosie is distracted from being picky by making meals funny.  I tell her I’m going to make a surprise plate of food for her and no matter what she cannot look until it’s sitting in front of her at the table.  These surprise plates somehow make her excited about eating things like carrots or whatever.  I’m not sure how it works, but I have a theory...