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Blacklick Metro Park Columbus 0

Metro Parks.

Yesterday was Henry’s 2nd birthday! Pictures of that to come shortly, I haven’t had time to go through all of them yet. During the day yesterday we went to check out a local metro park. Did I mention how impressed I am with the parks here? Hundreds of acres of preserved prairie land and woods WITH CLEAN FLUSHING TOILETS. The parks we’ve visited are so so clean too, and perfectly landscaped with flower beds and such in main areas. This metro...


New Friends!

Rosie is THRILLED. First we met a nice family down the street. They have a 10 year old daughter who is just like Rosie: A little quiet, likes to draw and read, loves Minecraft and Littlest Petshop. Rosie has played with her for hours, every chance they get. I am so happy for her to have finally found a friend her age that likes similar things! Her mom is very nice too. She’s a public school art teacher. Her husband is...


Best Friends Forever.

Here are a few pictures from my phone from recently: Sunny day mud pie! Toes in the mud. Kept taking off his boots and socks until I gave up. The boy feels an unavoidable urge to reach all of the electronics and push all of their buttons, no matter what. His sisters did this. They also did this to him. The first snow of the winter on Saturday morning, which has already melted. This is the view from my kitchen window....

Alice & Ada (Photos) 0

Alice & Ada (Photos)

Last week we babysat Ada’s friend Alice for the afternoon.  Alice and Ada are almost the same age.  Alice is a few weeks older. We played outside a lot. Toddler face-off! (Ada has a fantastically over dramatic frowny face she always makes, and lately it’s been even more dramatic by the addition of eye rolls with the frown and pursed lips.) Alice tested out Ada’s new scooter. Rosie played with her friend Hannah who lives down the street. Bubbles were so...

Meet-Up and Duck Face Amos. 0

Meet-Up and Duck Face Amos.

How do I keep running out of time to post here?  I love writing down thoughts and sharing pictures on my blog, if not for any other reason than I enjoy looking back at it years later.  I’ve been doing this for quite some time, since maybe 2002.  I’m too tired to look back and check the date of my very first entry, but it’s been years! I can’t seem to catch up on anything lately.  I need a pause button.  Or maybe a part time...

Birthday Party. 0

Birthday Party.

That farm house already has a contract on it.  It’s an offer contingent upon the sale of the offerer’s house. Extremely disappointed.  Might have to go curl up in a ball and cry somewhere. The real estate agent said we could trump their offer if we could buy the house outright, but we’d also need to make an offer contingent upon the sale of our house and…yeah.  Unless the contract currently on it falls through and some kind of miracle happens...

Food Allergies & An Afternoon with Friends. 1

Food Allergies & An Afternoon with Friends.

Note: The first half of the entry (the writing) is about Ada’s stomach virus, and poop vs. my food allergies.  If you’re eating or that offends you, you may want to skip to the cute kid pictures below.   Ada had her first stomach virus on Wednesday. She woke up at 5 in the morning and burped then choked a little, and spewed.  Thankfully it was all breastmilk, but still. She threw up all morning and all afternoon.  It was so...

Friends 0


We love our friends.  They live three hours away and come to visit every couple of months. Rosie loves her best friend Cade so much! They are only a month apart in age.  They’ve known each other almost their entire lives. And now baby Eli and baby Ada can be best friends too.  I think they’re five months apart. (He was lifting Rosie up, she’s not that much taller.) (Ada in her PJ’s…) It’s so nice to have friends that are our...

Recently. 1


Valentine’s Day: wonderfully ridiculous! (Fear not, gross spot to the right of Mr. Owl is paint courtesy of Rosie.) Visit to Monkey Joe’s with friends… Today, Ada enjoying the sun and 60 degree temps! Oh, love her so much. Rosie refused to participate in the sunlight photos…typical four year old, right? She was too busy running up and down the sidewalk.