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Vlad’s Story: The Prequel & The Beginning

You know, sometimes I think we spend a lot of time denying ourselves happiness and joy in life. Who in their right mind would turn down joy? That would be absurd, would it not? But every time someone tells me they could never do that– They could never have x amount of children because it would be too exhausting/expensive/scary/whatever. They could never host or foster a child because it would be too hard to send them back. It’s not fair to...


Hosting Update!

Quick update on our fundraising for Max: We’re getting so much closer. Yay! Can’t wait to meet this little guy. We only have about $800 left to go. :D Here’s our YouCaring page. And look at our Facebook event…we only have the last row of numbers to check off on our grid in order to be fully funded! The money for hosting is due next week, and there are only 65 days until the kids arrive. Can’t wait!



We’ve decided to try out a t-shirt fundraiser! Tyler wanted to design the shirt, so I told him to go for it. It’s a short sleeve t-shirt. It has a quote on the back. The shirts are $20 plus $5 shipping. Check it out! https://www.booster.com/christmasformax We’ve sold six shirts so far. I think we needed to sell eleven to get them printed. (If we don’t sell that many Booster refunds people the purchase price.) I’m hoping to sell way more than...


Jaw on the Floor.

Today we went to a church a couple of miles from our new house. On the way there Tyler and I were talking about Max and what we’re going to do. Fundraising basically is going absolutely no where this time. I’m sure it’s because we’ve fundraised so much for other kids over the past few years. People are tired of it. Everyone wanted a happy ending with Igor, and it didn’t happen because it was just harsh reality instead, and now...


Ready, Set, Go!

I have the official green light for Max! We’re still sad about Igor, but I think things will have a way of working out for everyone in the end. At least I hope so. If it’s ok, it’s not the end. Right? We’re going to be hosting Max with Children’s Cultural Connection. The cost for hosting with them is $2,900. Money is the worst part of hosting. :( They want a $1,450 deposit right away. HAHAHA. :O Then I believe the...


Prepare Thyselves–

Last summer there was a picture of one boy on the photo listing for www.heartforhosting.org, which is the group Igor was hosted through the first two times. This boy’s picture really stood out to me. But we had just re-discovered Igor listed with the other agency, and we had committed to hosting him and seeing how everything played out. We all know how Igor’s story is going. It’s heartbreaking. We love him so much. My heart wants to keep him forever, host...

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Watch It!

Check out our video for fundraising. I finally finished it! We’ve decided to call our campaign #igorforever.

It’s Finished. 0

It’s Finished.

Guess what friends? Misha and Marianna are coming!! Thanks to one last generous donation (combined with many, many much appreciated smaller donations of course) we’ve raised the full $5,400. We are SO EXCITED. They arrive on June 26th. I’m still trying to figure out travel plans. Please tell me how to find the cheapest airline tickets ever. I’ve never purchased tickets before. I’m not sure we’ll be able to swing it, I may still end up driving down with Henry if...

A Leap of Faith. 0

A Leap of Faith.

Or in other words: We are crazy. And my husband has apparently joined me on the dark side. You might want to get a snack, because the whole back story here is a little long. I can’t really believe that I’m writing this. You all know how we want to adopt at some point, right? Igor isn’t available for adoption, legally or emotionally. He’s been spending more and more time with his family, leaving the orphanage on weekends. This is hard...

Anna, with a prayer. 8

Anna, with a prayer.

Last week Tyler told me he had a dream that Nazar couldn’t come for hosting, so we hosted a girl named Annika instead. Tyler rarely has dreams.  He is always jealous that I have vivid dreams because he says he never dreams, or never remembers it.  It was weird for him to even mention having a dream. But surely, I thought, Nazar would still be able to come.  It must have been just a weird dream Tyler had.  I’ve been praying...