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two front teeth missing 0

Slo Mo Trampoline FUN!

Ok, so my voice in slo mo when jumping on the trampoline equals hilarity. I sound completely drunk and wasted. “Dooooo youuuuur magic moooooves…!” Can’t stop laughing. In the second half of this vlog Ada graphically loses her top front tooth. Huge milestone!  


Sledding, Kentucky Style.

Yesterday evening this happened: I don’t think these pictures accurately portray the size of our sledding hill. It is massive. Almost like a mountainside. So steep it was difficult to walk up it! In this video we started at the bottom third of the hill because Ada was too tired to walk up any further. Tyler made the video. In this video Tyler tried sledding. I didn’t realize that he had only been sledding once before. I don’t think he had...


Informal Poll:

Say you lived in a downtown area with a lot of people walking around, and a lot of drugs and other unsavory activities. Often these people throw trash in your yard and all over the ground outside while they are walking past. On this particular day you go out to your trash can outside and find the lid open. Often you rant to your husband that you wish these trash-throwing people would just put the trash in your garbage can, so...



Today in The Life of Weird Homeschoolers: The children spent at least half an hour petting taxidermy victims in the feed store this morning. Nothing like getting up close and personal with an alarmingly large dead beaver! Or if you’re a certain four year old girl there’s nothing quite like forcing your mother to yell, “For the love of all that is holy stop kissing that poor fox. No we cannot buy it. No you cannot pretend it is still alive and...

The Eruption. 2

The Eruption.

Our house has four fireplaces. They’re all the original Victorian fireplaces and they’re for decoration only. They’re blocked off, which makes me sad. I would love a cozy fire! In the homeschool room (actually a dining room) the fireplace had this hideous strip of hot pink foam board about six inches wide and the length of the fireplace stuffed across the chimney hole where the smoke would go up, blocking it closed. You could see the pink foam board if you...

Cheeky Little Bugger. 0

Cheeky Little Bugger.

Yesterday Tyler was in the kitchen buttering a biscuit that I’d just taken out of the oven. I’d gone upstairs to nurse Henry in bed, because Henry prefers to only nurse snuggled under the covers. According to Tyler he saw something out of the corner of his eye and glanced over to see one of the biscuits on the back of the pan lift up and fall back down. The pan was pushed up against the back of the stove, under...