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And Now For Something Entirely Adorable:

First, apple orchard this weekend! Second, baby guinea pigs! I let them have another litter to replace the one that Igor murdered. I think it’s healing for the girls to have something new and sweet. Shortly after birth: One day old: Two, almost three, days old: Group shot! Four total…FOUR! I think all are boys. From left to right their names are King Xerxes, Lucky the Runt, Uncle Mordecai, and Prince Precious. On the right there is Ada’s guinea pig Prince...

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May the fourth be with you.

Today we gave away all of our chickens, and it was sad. I’ve had chickens for years. It will be so strange to not have them any longer, to not begin and end each day with opening and closing their door, to not save scraps for them. I used to spend so much time watching them, just relaxing. The girls cried most of the morning too. While we were loading up the chickens in my friend’s car Rosie and Ada took...

Meet Hans and Kristoff. 0

Meet Hans and Kristoff.

I called the property manager and told him how the ashes exploded out from the fireplace. Except I didn’t mention I pulled off the pink foam board…I sort of glossed over that part. Ahem. He said he didn’t mind if we had the chimney professionally cleaned and unblocked as long as we paid for it and didn’t ask the owner to pay. I’m down with that. Exciting! It’s the end of the season, but I will have a functioning fireplace next...