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Henry: 21 Months Old.

A few quick snapshots of Henry at the park last night… He is fearless when it comes to tall play structures and slides. He requires no assistance, and unfortunately he goes into tribal caveman mode and tries to shove other kids out of his way because they are too slow. ”Look Ma! No hairs!”

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Henry Photos: 20 Months Old.

I never got time to post these! They’re from a few weeks ago. He is hardcore obsessed with his two blankies. He has this sniffly noise he makes that means blankie. Somehow we have started referring to them as his snuggle-up’s. He completely freaks out if he doesn’t have them while nursing, or if we leave the house and he finds himself in the car without them available on demand. I mean really, freak out is probably an understatement for what...

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The Recirculating Water Table.

Someone in my local mom’s group posted a picture of this water table her husband made. It recirculates the water for kids who are obsessed with running water, as my boy is. He throws a tantrum every time we have to turn off the faucet! This is the perfectly perfect solution! Oh my gosh, I wish I had thought of it sooner! It was very simple to make. I went to Lowes (hardware store) and got: -Storage tote with the recessed...

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White Flag!

I think I’m just going to have to accept that with Henry in his terrible caveman toddler stage (which seems to be at its peak currently) I am not going to be able to successfully do everything. Henry alone seems to be a full time job. He screams and cries so much. If he’s not in my face screaming, then he’s destroying something. He won’t sleep. He falls asleep, but he won’t stay asleep. During nap time I’m lucky if he...


March’s Blizzard.

The snow is insane. We usually get 2-3 inches at a time. Five inches here is considered a lot of snow. This time…we got about 18-20 inches in 24 hours. Insane My county has done a really good job of clearing the roads. We aren’t typically prepared for so much snow, so our county only owns four plows for hundreds of miles of road, but this time they hired private workers to plow. The Toyota factory has miraculously let workers not...

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Last Week’s Snow.

We just got blanketed by a ton of snow. Probably one of the biggest snow falls we’ve ever had around here in years. I think we got more than 15 inches! It’s heavy wet snow too, so the trees are all bent over. Luckily we haven’t had power outages. I can’t wait to take the kids out in it to play once Henry wakes up from his nap! Here are pictures of the kids standing on the frozen over snow last...

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Sledding, Kentucky Style.

Yesterday evening this happened: I don’t think these pictures accurately portray the size of our sledding hill. It is massive. Almost like a mountainside. So steep it was difficult to walk up it! In this video we started at the bottom third of the hill because Ada was too tired to walk up any further. Tyler made the video. In this video Tyler tried sledding. I didn’t realize that he had only been sledding once before. I don’t think he had...

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White Stuff.

It really snowed! Leave it to Ada to lock us out of the house when it’s 10 degrees outside with a foot of snow on the ground. We were going to go out and play for just a few minutes. Our old Victorian door knob has this strange lock where you push a button on the door jamb area of the door to turn the lock on. It stays locked and you can open the door from the inside, but once...

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Last Saturday we went to Cincinnati to see the mummy exhibit. It was fascinating. Unfortunately they didn’t allow pictures in the exhibit, which made me sad. They had mummies from Egypt, mummies that were naturally formed due to heat and acidic bogs and so on, and more recent people who had been mummified somehow when they were entombed in church crypts. Rosie was enthralled. Ada was kind of horrified. Henry kept pointing and saying, “Rawr!” Then doing his fake scream. Tyler...

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Lauren’s 4th Birthday.

I am mighty jealous of all the snow I keep seeing on Facebook and on the news. We’ve gotten basically nothing. We did get a couple of inches that quickly melted with the sun a week or so ago. Then yesterday they changed our forecasted snowstorm to rain. We got tons of ugly cold rain. Sad. There’s not a single flake in the forecast coming up. We’ve been denied any fun snowfall for this winter it seems. My kids are disappointed....