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The Story of How Henry Arrived. 3

The Story of How Henry Arrived.

People keep asking me about the story of Henry’s birth. All I can tell you is that it was nothing like Ada’s birth. Henry was like a freight train barreling through my body on his way to entering the world. It hurt.  A lot.  There was so much sheer power and force.  It was unreal. I’m not sure I’ve processed the whole experience just yet. Henry was four or five days overdue, depending on which due date you chose to go...

In a flash– 9

In a flash–

Her fate seizes her and brings her down. She is heavy with it. It wrings her. The great weight is heaved out of her. It eases. She moves into what she has become, sure in her fate now as a fish free in the current. She turns to the calf who has broken out of the womb’s water and its veil. He breathes. She licks his wet hair. He gathers his legs under him and rises. He stands, and his legs...