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Life with Twins…

I haven’t had time to write here very much recently. Since my blog post about my son accidentally getting locked in the car went viral I’ve had mixed feelings about sharing so many intimate details of my life with the internet at large. I’ve had my fifteen minutes of internet fame and it was…um…interesting? Hah. Life since my twins were born has been a bit chaotic. The twins cry ALL the time unless they’re nursing. Whew! You’d think fate could cut...

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Pre-Easter Fun!

Last weekend was our neighborhood egg hunt. We’ve never lived here at Easter before, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Egg hunts back in Kentucky kind of sucked–all the ones we went to were like frantic egg grabs, parents encouraging their kids to take as many eggs as possible, little kids crying, some kids with no eggs and other kids loaded down. After three years in a row of horrible egg hunt experiences I was leary of taking my...



“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.” Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet Happy New Year, friends. I’m curious to see what this year holds for our family. Edit entry Delete entry  

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Christmas Videos!

Here’s a video of the kids opening their Christmas presents. Igor was so excited when he discovered his Kindle Fire under the tree. So sweet! This is the same video, but not in fast forward. It’s much longer, but you can actually hear what everyone is saying if you want. I have lots of pictures too, but no time to edit them yet. Soon! This was our first Christmas away from family. It was weird. It was so warm out, and...



He’s been traveling for 24 hours. He’s here and he’s very happy! They have begun the eleven hour drive home. I’ll get to see him tomorrow. :D

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Five Minutes of Henry.

I just wanted one sweet picture of him smiling without his sunglasses on! The pout: Singing into an invisible microphone! Here’s a video of our post-Thanksgiving dinner time, just hanging out… Edit entry Delete entry  


October in Pictures.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks of October that I never got around to posting…at least not that I can remember. Rosie wrote this letter in Russian to Max. Every time we host each kid gets a welcome letter from their new family to read (or be read to them) on the plane. Rosie is super excited about Max, so she wrote him the welcome letter all by herself. Ada bathed the baby guinea pigs one afternoon. These...

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Our Halloween Pictures!

It’s so strange to me that our area in Ohio does trick or treating on the last Thursday in October instead of actually on the 31st. It feels bad and wrong! So tonight for Halloween we did nothing. It’s silent outside. Not a thing going on. Here are a few pictures of the kids’ costumes on Thursday night! This was how the evening ended. Brrr! And I posted this in the previous entry, but it should really go with this one...

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Christmas Day Photos!

Walking in the living room to see that Santa had arrived… It may look like he didn’t bring much, but Rosie and Ada got iPad minis from us. Small in size, big in dollars. Dimple! Rosie specifically requested a black newborn doll from Santa Claus. I took everything out of the packages and put it into storage tubs before wrapping it so that I wouldn’t have to fool with ripping stuff out of packages on Christmas morning. The clean up was...

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Christmas Eve Photos.

Here are some of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures! First our traditional Christmas Eve at my in-laws. I took some pictures before dying of giardia upstairs. Tyler took the later ones. I’ve trained him how to use my camera in manual mode pretty well. Attempts at group pictures…fail. Baby hat hair! This was one of the pictures I took, but I don’t remember it. Random levitation, that’s talent. “IT’S ALMOST TIME TO OPEN THE PRESENTS!” Too excited. Too excited....