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Meeting Santa & Early Presents from Grandma. 0

Meeting Santa & Early Presents from Grandma.

Yesterday morning the local bookstore had Santa Claus come during their weekly story time to read The Night Before Christmas.  Then the kids got to sit on his knee. Rosie was SO excited. She said, “I’m going to explode into eleventy one hundred seven and two pieces!” When Ada saw Santa coming she made this face: And then this is how she stared at him while he read the story… He had a real beard! They had to tell Santa one...

12/3/2011 4


This little guy is in the dog house.   I am so sick and tired of cleaning up his pee from various objects in my house! I don’t understand it.  He will get up and pee somewhere in the house at night then come back to bed. He pees in random places when we aren’t looking, on things like the kids’ toys or a basket of clean folded laundry. This morning he peed on the bottom drawer of my stove and it...

Thanksgiving Weekend via Instagram. 0

Thanksgiving Weekend via Instagram.

Alas, I am still alive and kicking.  I’ve been trying to declutter (again) so that we can find a place to squeeze our Christmas tree into this house. Very small rooms…not so good for decorating during the holidays.   Can’t believe Thanksgiving is already over for this year.  Time is going by so very fast it seems. We had dinner (lunch) at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving day.  That went ok.  We wore our bonnets just for the heck of it. (Ok...

Superficial Christmas Cheer. 4

Superficial Christmas Cheer.

Around the corner from my house there’s this home that sets up over the top decorations every year at Christmas. By over the top I mean there isn’t anymore space left in their yard because the blow up thingies are so close together.  They even span over into their neighbor’s yard somewhat! It’s insane. Rosie and Ada think it’s just the most amazing thing they have ever seen.  Rosie begs to drive past it at night when it’s all lit up. This...

Little Red Riding Hood and the Ada Chich-nen. 4

Little Red Riding Hood and the Ada Chich-nen.

We have some kind of terrible illness that causes blisters all over the throat and mouth. Maybe Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease…maybe not.  Rosie recovered in just a few days except for a few lingering tongue sores, so I’m not going to waste a ton of money at the doctor. (Our co-pay is $35 per person.)  I’m sure it’s just a nasty virus, there’s nothing the doctor can give us to help.  It we had strep Rosie wouldn’t have recovered on...

Leading up to Halloween… (Photos) 0

Leading up to Halloween… (Photos)

One of the last warm days of the fall, last week: My favorite old hen.  She lost her toes to frost bite while I was pregnant with Ada.   My 50mm 1.4 lens is officially broken.  Ada knocked it out of my bag when I turned my back for a second and now the auto focus is all fuzzy. I’m going to send it off for repair one day, when I have the money. See how it looks?  It doesn’t focus reliably in the...

Afternoon at the orchard. 3

Afternoon at the orchard.

Today was our homeschool field trip to the local orchard and pumpkin patch. I’m loving homeschool field trips–we get to pay the school group rate to all kinds of places!  Today at the pumpkin patch it was $7 for each person over age two and we all got to pick a pumpkin, take a private tour of the apple cider making facility, take a private hay ride to the pumpkin patch, and everyone got to pick their own pumpkin.  We also...

Pre-Mother’s Day. 1

Pre-Mother’s Day.

I am my midwife’s on call assistant right now because her regular assistant is graduating from college today. How very, very exciting!  So far no one has given birth.  May 7th isn’t over yet though.   Today we went out to lunch with my in-laws for Mother’s Day.   We went to a local place.  It’s right on the river.  Ada enjoyed eating on the balcony over looking the river once she realized she could throw her food over the edge...

Easter 2011! 4

Easter 2011!

Miss Ada Pants is always so busy.  Rosie is too.  I have no down time lately! Ok so I have to say I LOVE my expedit shelving. My everything is so organized.  My new couches are so wonderful, ten thousand times better than that giant one that got stuck in the doorway. Did I ever show you all the new leather couches we got?  We actually got two love seats, one for the living room and one for the back room where the TV is. My...

Happy Easter! 0

Happy Easter!

I’ve been so busy the past couple of days.  We repainted half of our house inside, reorganized everything, and had Ada’s birthday party last night.  This morning we went to mass for Easter at the Catholic church around the corner.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Much more later, once I have time!