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The Dreams (The admission of which confirms I am utterly crazy…)

One of my commenters reminded me of two dreams I had years ago. I wrote them down in my old diary on OD. The first dream was in 2008, long before I had ever even heard of orphan hosting or gave any thought to children in eastern European nations. We started hosting kids in 2012, about four years later. I had to go back and search for the diary entry in my OD WordPress back up entries. Luckily I found it....

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We’ve decided to try out a t-shirt fundraiser! Tyler wanted to design the shirt, so I told him to go for it. It’s a short sleeve t-shirt. It has a quote on the back. The shirts are $20 plus $5 shipping. Check it out! https://www.booster.com/christmasformax We’ve sold six shirts so far. I think we needed to sell eleven to get them printed. (If we don’t sell that many Booster refunds people the purchase price.) I’m hoping to sell way more than...

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Jaw on the Floor.

Today we went to a church a couple of miles from our new house. On the way there Tyler and I were talking about Max and what we’re going to do. Fundraising basically is going absolutely no where this time. I’m sure it’s because we’ve fundraised so much for other kids over the past few years. People are tired of it. Everyone wanted a happy ending with Igor, and it didn’t happen because it was just harsh reality instead, and now...


And Now For Something Entirely Adorable:

First, apple orchard this weekend! Second, baby guinea pigs! I let them have another litter to replace the one that Igor murdered. I think it’s healing for the girls to have something new and sweet. Shortly after birth: One day old: Two, almost three, days old: Group shot! Four total…FOUR! I think all are boys. From left to right their names are King Xerxes, Lucky the Runt, Uncle Mordecai, and Prince Precious. On the right there is Ada’s guinea pig Prince...

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Ready, Set, Go!

I have the official green light for Max! We’re still sad about Igor, but I think things will have a way of working out for everyone in the end. At least I hope so. If it’s ok, it’s not the end. Right? We’re going to be hosting Max with Children’s Cultural Connection. The cost for hosting with them is $2,900. Money is the worst part of hosting. :( They want a $1,450 deposit right away. HAHAHA. :O Then I believe the...


Prepare Thyselves–

Last summer there was a picture of one boy on the photo listing for www.heartforhosting.org, which is the group Igor was hosted through the first two times. This boy’s picture really stood out to me. But we had just re-discovered Igor listed with the other agency, and we had committed to hosting him and seeing how everything played out. We all know how Igor’s story is going. It’s heartbreaking. We love him so much. My heart wants to keep him forever, host...

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Why can it never be simple and easy? Where is the happy ending?

Igor is already back at the orphanage. His mother and older brother dropped him back off today. Two days. They kept him for two whole days and then returned him to the orphanage without his suitcase full of food and winter clothing. Only with his backpack. I don’t know what was in the backpack. I hope it was his new backpack. We also sent back his old ratty backpack because we’re supposed to return everything they bring since it’s orphanage property....



It still feels like someone is missing from our home. Everything is too quiet. Too easy. Tyler and I made a video slideshow of our summer with Igor. (Click on the video to watch it full screen and in HD!) Monday the kids are starting (home)school. I need to finish finally unpacking our house and get us into a normal routine. Life continues on. We got word that Igor’s bio family picked him up once he got back to Ukraine today....

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Igor is on the plane making his way back to Ukraine. Tyler is on a plane heading back to Columbus from the airport in Atlanta. I feel…exhausted. You know how you can be full of mysterious energy, adrenaline I guess, while something is happening and then once it’s over you are just wiped out? That’s how I feel. I’ve been hyper vigilant and on my toes non-stop for eleven weeks, and now I can suddenly relax a little. I may need...


Before & After

Here’s a quick before and after comparison. Igor arriving at the airport in June, and eleven weeks later on his last day here, today.