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Beach, Part Two.

Check this out! This is a fossilized sea urchin. It’s so old that it lived at the same time as the dinosaurs! I know this because I posted it on a fossil hunter forum. They told me its scientific name and that it lived in the late mesozoic era. (I think that’s what they said, too lazy to look back at the moment.) Rosie found it in the ocean because she tripped and fell in a wave, then it hit her...



Last week was spent at the beach. It was good. We went to Holden Beach, NC. It’s about an hour from the popular and commercial Myrtle Beach area. Holden Beach is actually an island. It’s quiet and sleepy. When we arrived on Labor Day weekend there were a few small crowds, but as the week started everyone left and there was hardly another person around. Rosie and Ada met several friends on the beach. One little girl Rebecca, really hit it...

My Castle House. 0

My Castle House.

There was snow on the ground this morning. This is the view from my kitchen window in the morning. That barn roof is normally black. Today it was white with snow! Later we got hit with some crazy, crazy sleet while we were at the art teacher’s house. Rosie takes homeschool art class taught by a local artist in his studio on Tuesday afternoons. There are three other kids in her class. She loves it! They do painting, pottery, drawing, basically...

Meet Hans and Kristoff. 0

Meet Hans and Kristoff.

I called the property manager and told him how the ashes exploded out from the fireplace. Except I didn’t mention I pulled off the pink foam board…I sort of glossed over that part. Ahem. He said he didn’t mind if we had the chimney professionally cleaned and unblocked as long as we paid for it and didn’t ask the owner to pay. I’m down with that. Exciting! It’s the end of the season, but I will have a functioning fireplace next...

Big News! 0

Big News!

See the video:   Thanks to a *very* generous donation his hosting is FULLY FUNDED!

The Peace of the Wild Things. 6

The Peace of the Wild Things.

40 weeks, 1 day. I feel like we’re in limbo just waiting for him to show up at some unknown hour. Other than the anticipation of his arrival, I’m actually feeling much better than I have this entire pregnancy.  I still feel nauseated, but I have energy!  I feel happy.  Not like a lethargic, miserable lump.  Well at least not most of the time. I still have my moments. Tonight I went for a hike through the hills behind the cabin...

More of the Bunnies! 0

More of the Bunnies!

This afternoon the girls and I were upstairs in the playroom sitting on that wooden window bench when a storm started to blow up over the ridge. I’ve been trying to convince Rosie that most storms are harmless.  She has a tad bit of my anxiety.  Not specifically over storms, but over anything.  :( As I was point out the cool lightening we could see in the clouds and telling her it was just a boring thunderstorm with nothing to panic...

Thanksgiving & Fall Leaves. 0

Thanksgiving & Fall Leaves.

Apparently I thought Host Boy had gotten his visa but that was wrong information because I found out their visa appointment is actually this coming Thursday. I will continue holding my breath until then!  There should be no issues, but you know. The disorganization of Ukraine and timeline for the program is hard.  I desperately need to buy plane tickets to pick up Host Boy at Dulles but I’m not doing it until after he gets his visa at the embassy...

The Dream House. 6

The Dream House.

The Dream House…! Saturday, November 03, 2012 I don’t think I’ve written about this–we’ve been casually getting our house ready to put on the market and looking around for the house we want to buy. I wanted a house with several acres at least, and enough space so that our family could grow. I also want my house to have the best AC, I checked online and found good options like http://heatingairpros.com/riverside/. We had to rule out building a house because...