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Speech Therapy and Debt Consolidation. 1

Speech Therapy and Debt Consolidation.

Rosie has her speech evaluation tomorrow at our local elementary school. I’m kind of nervous!  I wonder what it will entail.  Rosie is nervous too, more so than I am. She has trouble saying her R’s.  They are like W’s.  She also can’t say the letter J, she says a D sound instead.  Like “dam” for “jam” or “poil” for “pearl”.  “Girl” sounds like “gal”.  She’s improving slightly as she gets older, but she still has such a baby voice compared to her peers. ...

The First of March. 1

The First of March.

The weather has been so gorgeous this week! We’ve been outside enjoying it a lot.  I’m still sick with this stupid cold, the same one I had two weeks ago.  I’ve been battling sinus aftermath, which just sucks.  Go away germs, go away!  May we have a healthy spring and summer.  Fingers crossed. Yesterday we had severe storms.  Once the storms passed by evening it was pretty outside again.  The girls jumped in a mud puddle and we watched the sun set....

Thanksgiving Weekend via Instagram. 0

Thanksgiving Weekend via Instagram.

Alas, I am still alive and kicking.  I’ve been trying to declutter (again) so that we can find a place to squeeze our Christmas tree into this house. Very small rooms…not so good for decorating during the holidays.   Can’t believe Thanksgiving is already over for this year.  Time is going by so very fast it seems. We had dinner (lunch) at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving day.  That went ok.  We wore our bonnets just for the heck of it. (Ok...

Heart Stopping. 2

Heart Stopping.

I saw this picture tonight of a little girl and my heart started beating considerably faster. I look at adoption listings all the time, on several sites and linked from some adoption blogs I read.  A picture has never made me have a physical reaction before, not like this one. It sounds stupid really, but…I don’t know.  This little girl just looks like she belongs in our family.  Something in me recognized her.   She’s four years old and in a Russian orphanage.  She has...

Superficial Christmas Cheer. 4

Superficial Christmas Cheer.

Around the corner from my house there’s this home that sets up over the top decorations every year at Christmas. By over the top I mean there isn’t anymore space left in their yard because the blow up thingies are so close together.  They even span over into their neighbor’s yard somewhat! It’s insane. Rosie and Ada think it’s just the most amazing thing they have ever seen.  Rosie begs to drive past it at night when it’s all lit up. This...

Backyard. 0


I had to switch antibiotics for my sinus infection because I couldn’t swallow the Augmentin. I kept cutting it into four pieces and it was making me really sick at my stomach and making me poo way too much. I would start getting sick about 15 minutes after taking it every time.  Yuck.  They gave me a Z-Pack instead, but by the time they sent in the prescription and I picked it up, it took a day in between before I got to start taking it. ...

Longies! 1


I have finally crocheted something successfully. I made Ada a pair of longies.  Crocheting a pair of size 3t longies was no easy feat, but they fit perfectly. I AM SO PROUD!  Now I am going to make her several more pairs, and maybe attempt a sweater. I love them!        

10/7/2011 0


First, turned around to see this yesterday:   The bigger girls had been taking turns with the helmet and scooter.  When they got distracted and went off to play something else Ada immediately hopped on.  She was so proud of herself!  (I love that I can whip out my cell phone and capture these moments.) Yesterday I decided to do a test run of Halloween costumes.  We are thinking of dressing Ada as a monkey.  She thought the Old Navy outfit was hilarious...

Busy. 1


I got an invitation from Getty Images yesterday inviting me to become one of their licensed stock photographers. So exciting!  I can submit 25 photos a month (with model/property releases signed, scanned, and uploaded) for their editors to look over, then they choose which ones they will add to their catalog of photos for sale.  They pay you via Paypal once a month depending on if you had any sales. Getty Images provides photos for all kinds of things.  Everything from books...

The End of Summer. 1

The End of Summer.

  Tropical Storm Lee has ushered in lots of rain, clouds, and shockingly cooler weather to our area over the past couple of days. It was 98 degrees and humid then down to 59 degrees and non-stop rain in a matter of hours!  The rain is forecasted to last through tomorrow, then we’ll get low 70’s and sunshine. I can’t wait, we have become addicted to being outside this spring and summer.  My high energy Ada must spend hours outside every day...