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Another Kitchen Update, With Pictures.

I took a few new pictures of the kitchen this morning. It’s glorious. Behold! (Sorry, too lazy to retake it due to blur. Henry was grabbing my legs.) None of those things in the floor are mine, that’s all contractor junk. I just love that we have to step around nails, saws, nail gun, etc. Very safe for babies and children. Let’s move on to the exquisite drywall work. Now keep in mind they tore down the walls completely and rebuilt...

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Kitchenless: Day 84.

Well, day 84 has brought us to a minor amount of progress. Somehow they have managed to put up drywall, mud the drywall, put in the sink (which has hot water only at the moment, but water none the less), and install cabinets. However the cabinets they chose don’t match exactly. They’re used. They are pretty similar at least. Here’s my favorite part: The threw away the old water damaged cabinets and replaced them with less water damaged cabinets. I’m not...

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They finally got started on the kitchen yesterday. Before starting, but after we’d already cleaned everything out of the cabinets and off of the counters: Our temporary kitchen. (Crock pot not pictured.) Getting started: The kitchen doorway, which my cats broke into overnight. This is what’s inside the drop ceiling. He’s not sure now if he can eliminate the drop ceiling because it was hiding old wiring. He has to call the owner to see if he wants to pay for...