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4 weeks & 2 days. 0

4 weeks & 2 days.

These coyotes! Last night once I finally got to sleep, after multiple children waking up, the coyotes decided it would be a great time to yip, yowl, and howl for an hour right behind my cabin. That made my dogs bark inside, along with the neighbor’s livestock dog which is 100+ pounds and has a very echoey booming bark. We have this tiny hunting flashlight that lights up about five acres of pitch black darkness out here.  It highlights the glowing...

39 weeks, 5 days: We have a winner. 0

39 weeks, 5 days: We have a winner.

Baby H wins the award of baby who has stayed inside the longest! Now that he’s won maybe he will come out.  ;) My due date is on Thursday.  I see no signs that he’s planning on coming out before then.  He seems quite content to chill out in the belly. With both Rosie and Ada I had tons more prodromal labor and I was walking around completely miserable, dilated, and ready to pop the baby out any second from 38...

Gloomy Day. 0

Gloomy Day.

We seem to be stuck in a pattern of one nice day, followed by a week of rain and cool weather. Yesterday at the cabin, it was actually this color outside.  Gray.  Blue.  Rain. See that white gate?  That’s the last neighbor on the “street”.  Everything beyond the fence line there is her land.  Everything in front of it is…MINE. One of my future lawn mowing crew, out of three. Rosie standing in the road. We were going to a princess...