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Another No. 2

Another No.

Disappointing. Again! The farm was almost perfect.  We really liked the house. However…the 10 acres has no road frontage.  How, you might ask, would you get to your house if it doesn’t sit up on the road?  Oh, well you have to drive up the neighbor’s driveway, then open the gate to their field of donkeys.  Drive through the donkeys, then open another gate where the driveway ends.  Then there’s sort of a car path through the field up to the...

Blast Ended Skrewts, etc. 2

Blast Ended Skrewts, etc.

This little guy has been hanging out on my front porch in the garden bed for a week now.  I love how expressive bugs are when you get up close. Hard to tell from this macro picture, but this is a baby praying mantis just a little larger than my thumbnail.  Rosie and I had so much fun stalking him.     I love the way they cock their heads to stare up at you!  I happened to notice that his eyeballs can...

A Bigger Farm? 2

A Bigger Farm?

I’ve found one more house that we *really* like.  It’s 15 miles from Tyler’s work, but that’s still only about $80 a month in gas compared to the $300 per month we spend now. This house is on 10 acres of beautiful rolling pasture.  Right now it’s a cattle farm, judging by the pictures online.  (The property taxes would be about $1,000 a year. Not too horrible.) Tyler and I both really like this one.  It’s only three years old, so hopefully...