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A Million and One Ways to Break Your Heart.

First thing this morning I got a call on Skype. He was using his roommate’s phone. He was sniffling. He asked me if he could please come to me again, that he wants to come home to our family. He begged me to bring him home to us for Christmas. :’( He needs us. We can’t get rid of this kid. It’s hard, it’s scary, and for whatever reason God insists that he is mine. And I love him. And Tyler...



It still feels like someone is missing from our home. Everything is too quiet. Too easy. Tyler and I made a video slideshow of our summer with Igor. (Click on the video to watch it full screen and in HD!) Monday the kids are starting (home)school. I need to finish finally unpacking our house and get us into a normal routine. Life continues on. We got word that Igor’s bio family picked him up once he got back to Ukraine today....



Igor is on the plane making his way back to Ukraine. Tyler is on a plane heading back to Columbus from the airport in Atlanta. I feel…exhausted. You know how you can be full of mysterious energy, adrenaline I guess, while something is happening and then once it’s over you are just wiped out? That’s how I feel. I’ve been hyper vigilant and on my toes non-stop for eleven weeks, and now I can suddenly relax a little. I may need...


Before & After

Here’s a quick before and after comparison. Igor arriving at the airport in June, and eleven weeks later on his last day here, today.

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At the Zoo

This weekend we went to the zoo with Igor. Rosie hates it because Igor demands all of the attention, constantly talking and trying to make us go faster, then complaining that he’s tired, or hot, or his belly hurts… We have a zoo membership, so I had to keep reminding the girls that we can come back next week and walk as slow as we want! Here are a few random videos I made of Igor at the zoo, just for...

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When things don’t go the way you’d like.

There are times when I wonder how things will all turn out in the end. Are we just on an emotional trip with no destination in site? Where is this crazy boat even headed? Igor has become certain that his mother in Ukraine will show up and take care of him. He’s neglected every time he goes to visit her home, and I hear tale of her showing up to the orphanage and yelling at him in the halls. But he...



It’s mid morning and the heat index is being driven towards 100 degrees due to the stifling humidity. We’re walking at a snail’s pace through the parking lot of the local park. The sun is blinding. The blacktop is reflecting shimmering heat onto our damp skin. The kids and I were supposed to meet up with new friends at the park, but we’re forty minutes late because it took so long to get all four small people dressed and out the...


Sad Face.

Here’s the deal: Igor is attached to his family, sort of. He calls them several times a week, mainly his mom. I found an app where you can buy about 45 minutes for $5 then it routes the call from a local number to Ukraine. So it’s not that expensive. Igor said this past spring that he wants us to adopt him. Recently his mom changed her mind and said she doesn’t want him to be adopted. The thing is she...