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Vlad’s Story: The Prequel & The Beginning

You know, sometimes I think we spend a lot of time denying ourselves happiness and joy in life. Who in their right mind would turn down joy? That would be absurd, would it not? But every time someone tells me they could never do that– They could never have x amount of children because it would be too exhausting/expensive/scary/whatever. They could never host or foster a child because it would be too hard to send them back. It’s not fair to...


‘Til Summer–

Today is the day the kids and I say goodbye to Igor until summer. He and Tyler are leaving for their two day drive to Atlanta. It’s too sad. Nobody wants to say goodbye. Henry is crying and saying he’s putting his boots on to go with “my Han” which is what he calls Igor. Henry thinks Igor is the coolest brother on the planet earth and looks up to Igor like he’s a god. Igor is telling everyone he meets...


Please See These Kids!

Love First Ministries is the organization that we host Igor with. Here is their website, and their Facebook page. http://www.lovefirstministries.org/ https://www.facebook.com/Love-First-Ministries-1539258289638831/ They still have a handful of children waiting to be chosen for winter hosting this year! The following children are at Igor’s orphanage. I have known them for several years now, on social media, at the airport, on Skype, and through other families who have adopted from the orphanage. This is K. She will be aging out this year. She...


Big Change of Plans…!

On Tuesday night of last week one of the coordinators from the host program called me. She was very upset. She said that Max’s director at the orphanage didn’t want him to come for hosting any longer. She was crying because she knew how excited we were and she was just heartbroken for our family. This has happened to us (and only us!) multiple times now–our host kid cannot come at the last minute. We had a Russian speaking friend call...


Hosting Update!

Quick update on our fundraising for Max: We’re getting so much closer. Yay! Can’t wait to meet this little guy. We only have about $800 left to go. :D Here’s our YouCaring page. And look at our Facebook event…we only have the last row of numbers to check off on our grid in order to be fully funded! The money for hosting is due next week, and there are only 65 days until the kids arrive. Can’t wait!


Ready, Set, Go!

I have the official green light for Max! We’re still sad about Igor, but I think things will have a way of working out for everyone in the end. At least I hope so. If it’s ok, it’s not the end. Right? We’re going to be hosting Max with Children’s Cultural Connection. The cost for hosting with them is $2,900. Money is the worst part of hosting. :( They want a $1,450 deposit right away. HAHAHA. :O Then I believe the...


A Million and One Ways to Break Your Heart.

First thing this morning I got a call on Skype. He was using his roommate’s phone. He was sniffling. He asked me if he could please come to me again, that he wants to come home to our family. He begged me to bring him home to us for Christmas. :’( He needs us. We can’t get rid of this kid. It’s hard, it’s scary, and for whatever reason God insists that he is mine. And I love him. And Tyler...


Why can it never be simple and easy? Where is the happy ending?

Igor is already back at the orphanage. His mother and older brother dropped him back off today. Two days. They kept him for two whole days and then returned him to the orphanage without his suitcase full of food and winter clothing. Only with his backpack. I don’t know what was in the backpack. I hope it was his new backpack. We also sent back his old ratty backpack because we’re supposed to return everything they bring since it’s orphanage property....



It still feels like someone is missing from our home. Everything is too quiet. Too easy. Tyler and I made a video slideshow of our summer with Igor. (Click on the video to watch it full screen and in HD!) Monday the kids are starting (home)school. I need to finish finally unpacking our house and get us into a normal routine. Life continues on. We got word that Igor’s bio family picked him up once he got back to Ukraine today....

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When things don’t go the way you’d like.

There are times when I wonder how things will all turn out in the end. Are we just on an emotional trip with no destination in site? Where is this crazy boat even headed? Igor has become certain that his mother in Ukraine will show up and take care of him. He’s neglected every time he goes to visit her home, and I hear tale of her showing up to the orphanage and yelling at him in the halls. But he...