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white flag surrender 0

White Flag!

I think I’m just going to have to accept that with Henry in his terrible caveman toddler stage (which seems to be at its peak currently) I am not going to be able to successfully do everything. Henry alone seems to be a full time job. He screams and cries so much. If he’s not in my face screaming, then he’s destroying something. He won’t sleep. He falls asleep, but he won’t stay asleep. During nap time I’m lucky if he...

Behavior Fail. 2

Behavior Fail.

Every year of parenting I learn something new because I run up against another challenge.   Parenting is hard.  I think it’s harder the older kids get.  Five and half, almost six is the most difficult yet.   It’s this age when suddenly there’s no more adorable toddler or preschooler innocence left.  Kids are expected to behave with some maturity.  They should be able to start understanding how to act in different situations.  Being a preschooler is no longer an excuse,...

Broken Leg. 4

Broken Leg.

On Sunday night Rosie was being absolutely awful and refusing to go to sleep even though she was waaaay over tired.  She just kept screaming and kicking, it was terrible!  Finally at 10 Tyler went in her room and sat on the bed to scoop her up in his arms, but somehow in a split second in the dark her leg got caught or something.  Tyler doesn’t even know what happened.  Rosie was kicking and fighting him and it was a...