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I had a fundraising photo session the other night. I’ve been trying to book a few sessions in Columbus and it’s hard. I can’t seem to get my business off the ground. There are many photographers that have a basic DSLR and charge so little money for tons of photos. Anyway, this family was really sweet.  Their eight year old son has autism and ADHD, which is the exact same diagnosis Greg had.  We did daily care for Greg when Rosie...

Somethings Happy. 0

Somethings Happy.

Here are some happy pictures from yesterday and today. These were from a walk around the block yesterday afternoon. These are from the cemetery today. It’s beautiful this time of year, despite being a cemetery. My mom took the pictures with me in them. I laughed so hard when I saw Henry’s face here. “Dada! That’s my Mama. What are you doing to her!” These are just funny. This is what my family looks like at any given moment, basically. There are quite...

A little about everything. (8 weeks) 1

A little about everything. (8 weeks)

Suddenly it’s fall here. Leaves falling, a crisp feel to the days even when the sun is warm, walnuts on the ground, chickens beginning to molt. Fall at the cabin has a magical feel to it.  It does not leave me disappointed.  I love walking into the woods each day.  There’s always something new–new smells, different bugs, flowers in bloom that weren’t there the day before. I’ve been so busy spending time outside, and surprisingly meeting new people.  New friends.  And...

Holden Beach Day 4: The Wedding. 0

Holden Beach Day 4: The Wedding.

I want to finish posting pictures from our trip to the beach.  I’ve got lots of other things going on to write about.  I still have day five to share after this.  That’s the final day. These are pictures of the wedding.     I loved her dress! Back detail: Someone made her this cool hanger. Peeking through the blinds behind the dress– Getting ready: Beth’s family owns a mill and these were the wedding favors. Weston opening his groom’s gift from...

Holden Beach: The Bridal Shower and The Rehearsal. 0

Holden Beach: The Bridal Shower and The Rehearsal.

We had another bridal shower while at the beach.  It was supposed to be one where you give the couple items to use on their honey moon, which was going to be at the beach. The bridal shower was in the house where we were staying.  A very big house!  It had six bedrooms and six full bathrooms on two floors. (I already posted some of these, but I don’t know which.  I finally finished editing all of them.) Ada showing...

Fall is creeping up on us. 0

Fall is creeping up on us.

Father/daughter dance from the wedding I did this weekend: Laughing bride’s maids… The wedding itself was difficult.  The minister was an older man who didn’t like wedding photographers, clearly.  He said we weren’t allowed to be in his line of sight at all during the service, not allowed to get anywhere near the stage, and not allowed to use flash. Why the minister gets to tell the photographers what to do is beyond me–if I was the bride I would be angry!  She’s the...

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This afternoon I attended the birth of my friend’s first daughter.  (She has four little boys under age 8!) She had the baby at home, and it was a perfect birth.  All four boys were there.  Their excitement was priceless, I must share!   She weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces.  She’s 19.5 inches long. Hello, Baby Fever.        

A Sunset Wedding. 0

A Sunset Wedding.

Tonight I photographed another wedding. I’m really enjoying these, I wish I had more booked. I just have one more coming up, next weekend, and I’m only assisting another photographer. I need to figure out how to advertise properly or something.  There’s a lot of competition, and I’m still learning so…yeah.   This wedding was outside right at sunset.  The light was fading fast, it was almost too dark…but not quite! The sun was a huge blazing orange ball rapidly sinking below the horizon.  Absolutely...

Wedding last night had some crazy weather! 4

Wedding last night had some crazy weather!

I think I really love being a wedding photographer. It’s high stress.  Demanding.  Physically exhausting.  Non-stop action.  But it’s so much FUN.  I love that I get to share in such special moments.  I get to dress up and go to a wedding and get paid plenty for it.   The editing of a trillion pictures afterward is tedious, slight downside.    Last night’s wedding was a little crazy.  First we did posed group pictures for THREE HOURS.  Ouch.  At least their entire family was...

Worn out. 0

Worn out.

Today I ate at two fast food places, stole a chair that I will return tomorrow, discovered a random field of cacti growing in a neighboring town, traipsed through a field of waist high grass in a short dress, got approximately 40,000 mosquito bites covering my entire body including one in my butt crack, listened to Gillian Welch turned up way too loud, and almost got run over by a train while standing on the tracks. All in all, a pretty good...