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Photography Fail. 12

Photography Fail.

Sometimes I wonder if photography is not what I’m meant to be doing in this life. I seem to be remarkably unsuccessful at it lately, which is almost funny considering I see so many other photographers around me getting business when they use point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras on auto, and offer over edited cheesy photos. I’m not sure why people like that, but I’m not going to start doing it. Advertising doesn’t seem to bring in any business either. ...

Eat Your Heart Out. 1

Eat Your Heart Out.

I did a newborn session this morning and left Tyler alone with the girls for the first time ever. He called me 8 times!  When I finally answered him he wanted to tell me the girls were whining.  Erm, great…?  Welcome to my world.  Silly husband. The newborn baby was so sweet and tiny and squeaky.  Oh, my heart! Look… You can see some more here.

Photos from yesterday’s session. 0

Photos from yesterday’s session.

My busy little baby has decided she really does not need any sleep to survive. It’s ridiculous!  She’s started napping for about an hour every day around noon.  Then she goes to sleep at night at 7 pm, and at 9 pm she wakes up, wide awake.  She stays awake until around midnight.  She still nurses all night long, between midnight and 7 when she gets up ready to party.  Sometimes it’s earlier than 7, depending on if Rosie gets up...