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Gone Wrong. 2

Gone Wrong.

Today was supposed to be Rosie’s first day of Kindergarten, however it was kind of a crappy day and nothing went as planned. Tyler has been doing a juice fast.  I woke up to my kitchen coated in sticky juice and just a huge mess in general.  (He cleans up after himself, but he sucks at it so there’s bits of trash, dirty dishes, and spilled drips of food always left behind everywhere.)  I hate waking up to a dirty house, it...

Ada in Action. 3

Ada in Action.

Ada is wearing me out.  She looks innocent, but don’t be fooled! She’s curious, and busy, and I’m 99% sure she has wheels for feet.         I can’t get anything done because she’s always climbing and into every little thing! God help me when she figures out how to open door knobs in the next month or so.  (We can’t get those door knob covers because then Rosie couldn’t get the doors open.)   Ada can climb like...

Allergies, Asthma, and Flowers. 3

Allergies, Asthma, and Flowers.

Rosie had an appointment today with the allergy doctor. She’s been complaining about her belly hurting for quite awhile, since early spring of this year.  Finally a couple of months ago we realized she was pointing to her chest area and just calling it her belly. Her lungs hurt, not her stomach. Tyler has asthma and takes an inhaler.  Sometimes he can’t breathe, especially after being outside.  We decided to take Rosie to the allergy doctor to see what was going...

New Plan. 3

New Plan.

I think I give up on looking for the perfect property to buy or rent long term. It’s not out there.  It’s in my head. Which leads to one solution. We decided to visit burnaby condos open house and check some out. Once we find the right one we’ll just begin some DIY renovations. We’ll start our business with this investment and continue on to buying the right land to build our own place. We need to buy land and build our own...

Grandma. 0


I love these snapshots of my grandma with Ada and Rosie. My grandparents gave Rosie a stick horse for her birthday.  I think it might be Rosie’s favorite gift.   (Wish Rosie would have put her legs down, silly kid.)            

Five. 3


This time five years ago I was enduring a very painful labor, all back labor.  I was scared, nervous, and at the hospital. My nurse was Alice, from the Brady Bunch. I promise you they were the same person, except my nurse Alice was less cheery and more brisk.  Her real name was even Alice. I pushed for almost three hours.  My midwife was sick and in the end stages of cancer and kept having to leave the room. Finally Rosie emerged, ever so slowly.  She...

Photos of Our Typical Day. 6

Photos of Our Typical Day.

Do you realize the summer is nearly half over now? Soon it’s going to be time for Rosie to start Kindergarten.  We’re homeschooling, so she’s not really going anywhere, but we have to keep an attendance record for the state. I have to send a letter to the board of education stating our intent to homeschool this August!  For real, it will be official.  I will have accepted the responsibility. What a huge responsibility it is!  We’ve been doing schoolish things already–we’re...

Blast Ended Skrewts, etc. 2

Blast Ended Skrewts, etc.

This little guy has been hanging out on my front porch in the garden bed for a week now.  I love how expressive bugs are when you get up close. Hard to tell from this macro picture, but this is a baby praying mantis just a little larger than my thumbnail.  Rosie and I had so much fun stalking him.     I love the way they cock their heads to stare up at you!  I happened to notice that his eyeballs can...

This is Summer. 3

This is Summer.

I’ve been busy living life. Go figure, right? Instagram makes it so easy to snap pictures with my iPhone and create quick memories.  I don’t have a lot of time to edit real photos lately.  I even tested prints from iPhone photos, I got 5×5’s, and they came out great.  The ones I got printed were Hipstamatics.  I bet the Instagrams will be even better!  (I got them printed from WHCC, the professional place I use for clients.) Check out my fridge!  These are the 5×5...