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Five Minutes of Henry.

I just wanted one sweet picture of him smiling without his sunglasses on! The pout: Singing into an invisible microphone! Here’s a video of our post-Thanksgiving dinner time, just hanging out… Edit entry Delete entry  


October in Pictures.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks of October that I never got around to posting…at least not that I can remember. Rosie wrote this letter in Russian to Max. Every time we host each kid gets a welcome letter from their new family to read (or be read to them) on the plane. Rosie is super excited about Max, so she wrote him the welcome letter all by herself. Ada bathed the baby guinea pigs one afternoon. These...


Our Halloween Pictures!

It’s so strange to me that our area in Ohio does trick or treating on the last Thursday in October instead of actually on the 31st. It feels bad and wrong! So tonight for Halloween we did nothing. It’s silent outside. Not a thing going on. Here are a few pictures of the kids’ costumes on Thursday night! This was how the evening ended. Brrr! And I posted this in the previous entry, but it should really go with this one...

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Reality Check!

Henry is making homeschooling SO INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT. I know it’s not kosher to say, but I swear I sometimes dream about duct taping the kid to a wall. The girls want to learn, we have tons of awesome materials, books, activities, plenty of things to do…but Henry sabotages everything. He screams, rips things up, scribbles on papers, throws things off the table, and refuses to be distracted by anything. He’s not interested in having his own papers, or sharing the colored...



It’s cool and chilly outside today. It actually feels like fall. I think I have SAD. I’m not a fan of cold weather or winter. I can’t stand gray, dreary days trapped in the house. It makes me anxious and depressed to think of the looming winter. This afternoon I managed to light our gas fireplace in the livingroom. I’ve never had a gas fireplace before. We haven’t turned the heat on in the house yet, and I just decided to...


Monarch Photos

We brought in some monarch eggs we found on milkweed leaves, raised them, hatched them, and had so much fun doing it! And then this happened… I was blown away by the beauty. I had no idea the the green part would turn clear. When I was pregnant I often had these vivid dreams where my stomach would become clear like a window and allow me to look in and see the baby. It turns out Monarchs really do that. Wow....


And Now For Something Entirely Adorable:

First, apple orchard this weekend! Second, baby guinea pigs! I let them have another litter to replace the one that Igor murdered. I think it’s healing for the girls to have something new and sweet. Shortly after birth: One day old: Two, almost three, days old: Group shot! Four total…FOUR! I think all are boys. From left to right their names are King Xerxes, Lucky the Runt, Uncle Mordecai, and Prince Precious. On the right there is Ada’s guinea pig Prince...


Our Homeschooling Year.

We started our first week of homeschooling on Monday the 31st of August. Shew. It has been a rough few days trying to get the kids back into a routine of actually doing something. Of course I have all kinds of wonderful expectations and fantasies of how each day will go. Days filled with cheerfulness and glorious learning! Curiosity filled kids, bright sunshine… Annnnd then there’s reality. A screaming toddler creating havoc on purpose to get attention. A whining five year...


Before & After

Here’s a quick before and after comparison. Igor arriving at the airport in June, and eleven weeks later on his last day here, today.


Wedding Weekend!

My sister’s wedding is this coming weekend. I’m so excited! It’s surreal though–I remember when she was just a baby, I used to change her diapers. Now she’s getting married. Really? How did this happen? I’m doing the photography for her wedding, which will be fun. The wedding is at a local winery. It’s gorgeous there. I’m crossing my fingers for perfect sunny weather. I don’t have a good picture of the view from the winery. It’s located near the cabin...