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Henry’s Neurosurgeon Visit. 0

Henry’s Neurosurgeon Visit.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is the friendliest, easy to navigate hospital I have ever been to. We were quite impressed! They are so organized and helpful. There are even security guards standing by the elevators that only allow people with passes from the front desk to go up onto the floors. The entire hospital was incredibly clean too. Everything in it was child friendly! It was hard seeing so many sick kids there. My heart hurt. I saw multiple young children with...

Plagiocephaly. (9 weeks) 3

Plagiocephaly. (9 weeks)

My poor boy has a crooked head. It wasn’t molded at birth, but it got increasingly funny shaped as he grew.  He was jammed in the womb at an odd angle with his arm stuck over his head, and he was born in that position.  Apparently that pressure can cause the head to start off growing unevenly. I’m so annoyed at everything I read about plagiocephaly online.  Henry’s head is not misshapen from laying in seats and cribs for too long. ...