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Snafu & Christmas Pictures. 1

Snafu & Christmas Pictures.

I’m really stressing about how I will get Host Boy from the Atlanta airport.  I keep praying there will be some painless solution.  I know at 8 weeks pregnant  (Click here if you missed it!) I am not going to feel like driving 16 hours round trip alone.  Tyler doesn’t understand, because he’s never been pregnant.  He keeps rolling his eyes and saying I will be fine.  I know it’s not just me…most pregnant women at 8 weeks wouldn’t feel like...

Is this really happening!? 4

Is this really happening!?

I missed my period yesterday, so on a whim I dipped an OPK.  I read once they can be used as HPT’s but that they’re unreliable.  Awhile ago I ran out of cheapie HPT’s so I would sometimes use an OPK at the end of my cycle just for the heck of it. Every other month they are negative, but last night my OKP looked like this: I was like, “Uh WHAT?”  I totally expected it to be a negative OPK...