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The Castle House: Closure

I found this on the internet today: Our old rental house, The Castle House, for sale. I knew they were going to list it for sale, so there’s no surprise there. Though I will admit I feel weird looking at those pictures. That was our home. Only for a year, but still…there were parts of it that were very gorgeous despite all of the issues. I liked that place a lot, when I first got there I remodeled it so it...

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Another Kitchen Update, With Pictures.

I took a few new pictures of the kitchen this morning. It’s glorious. Behold! (Sorry, too lazy to retake it due to blur. Henry was grabbing my legs.) None of those things in the floor are mine, that’s all contractor junk. I just love that we have to step around nails, saws, nail gun, etc. Very safe for babies and children. Let’s move on to the exquisite drywall work. Now keep in mind they tore down the walls completely and rebuilt...