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Henry’s Speech

Igor and Tyler are in Atlanta. Tyler will be home on Sunday. Igor flies out on Saturday afternoon. Henry has his two appointments for speech evaluation coming up. First there’s an evaluation meeting on the 27th. I’m not sure exactly what they will talk about at this meeting, but it’s at my house and it’s an hour long! The second appointment is on the 5th of February and it’s the actual evaluation. I’ve heard they don’t do much for speech articulation,...

The Speech Evaluation. 4

The Speech Evaluation.

The speech therapy appointment went pretty well.  (Except for the part where I left Ada at home with Tyler and she cried most of the time.  Oh Ada.) We got to the school a few minutes early and had to wait in the front entrance.  While waiting I had a few moments of self doubt.  What if Rosie just rode the bus to this school every morning?  It would be so easy.  I wouldn’t have to worry about curriculum, struggling with Ada while...