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A Sunday in August. 0

A Sunday in August.

This afternoon we looked at a house for sale.  We really liked it, except that it has a tiny backyard. We need to move.  Our current house is just not cutting it, we’re tripping over each other.  If we’re going to homeschool successfully we need to have a little space to spread out and do work.  No matter how much I try to organize it’s impractical to live in this cramped space 24/7.  It’s not like we’re all away at school and...

Photos: Our Visit with Tyler’s Grandma in Atlanta. 0

Photos: Our Visit with Tyler’s Grandma in Atlanta.

These are pictures from our visit to Atlanta, the few days before we picked up Tanya at the airport. We stayed at Tyler’s Grandma’s house.  It was a nice mini-vacation.  We hardly ever get to go on vacation!  Tyler’s Grandma hadn’t seen the girls since Ada was three months old.  They both enjoyed visiting their Great-Grandma Freida and have been talking a lot about it ever since! (These pictures are full of awkward lighting.  I gave up and just took pictures anyway.)...

“I will not leave you as orphans…” 11

“I will not leave you as orphans…”

I am completely and totally floored at what has happened for Tanya. This entire experience has been like some kind of insane and unimaginable roller coaster of emotions. What I really can’t get over is the way every tiny detail was not just out of our control, but how it also seemed orchestrated, as if not a single thing happened by chance. It started with the blog entry I read.  Someone was writing about ways to make your summer meaningful and they linked to...

Share This! 0

Share This!

With a lot of good advice from the adoption agency we’ve decided to keep Tanya with us as long as possible. We love her and I desperately wish we could adopt her, but she needs to be the baby of the family or an only child for sure.  Everyone who has met her just falls in love with her! While this is not how we expected hosting to be, we don’t regret that it’s worked out this way.  Tanya shouldn’t have...

Meeting Tanya for the First Time. 3

Meeting Tanya for the First Time.

  Too tired to write anything coherent. Still alive. Having fun. Tanya is sweet, crazy, loving, hyper, super smart, busy, and wonderful. The night before she was due to arrive we made her a welcome sign.  It says, “Hello Tanya!” on it in Ukrainian.  (Priveet Tanya!) That night Rosie lost her second top front tooth! We picked Tanya up from the airport in Atlanta on Wednesday.  We had to wait almost three hours after she landed because the computer system in...

Summer Afternoons. 1

Summer Afternoons.

Only one day left until we leave for Atlanta. I might die of nerves and excitement.  T is coming on Wednesday…that’s five days away. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!  I didn’t anticipate this much excitement and nervousness.

Rosie’s Sixth Birthday Party. 0

Rosie’s Sixth Birthday Party.

Rosie’s actual birthday is the 19th, but we decided to celebrate early before we leave for Atlanta to get T.  We’ll be driving home on the 19th, and that won’t make for a fun birthday, so early party it was! Most people are out of town and busy this time of year, poor Rosie.  We just had family and Rosie’s friend who lives down the street over to my in-laws’ house for the party.  It was still fun though. Rosie had...

Nine Days. 1

Nine Days.

The other day I was talking to my neighbor, who is a middle aged divorced woman.  She lives with her two adult sons.  Her sons are somewhere around my age, in their 20’s.   I mentioned that we were going to be hosting an orphan from Ukraine soon.  She was just shocked.  Flabbergasted.  She couldn’t believe it.  She said, “Why would you want to do that?”   I’ve been surprised at the reactions we’ve gotten from people when they find out...

Bread Machine Recipe & Pictures of the Girls. 0

Bread Machine Recipe & Pictures of the Girls.

The other day I took the girls to Goodwill because it was really hot and we were bored.  I found a new bread machine with wrapping still on it for $6! I used to have a bread maker, but Tyler wouldn’t eat the bread out of it because he didn’t like the way it was shaped.  Yes, seriously.  So I gave it away to an older lady who had arthritic hands and could no longer knead bread.  She was super appreciative so I didn’t...

Embassy Appointment… 0

Embassy Appointment…

T had her US embassy appointment today in Ukraine. She passed! All her paperwork is in order. SHE’S COMING!! TO OUR HOUSE! THEY ARE BUYING PLANE TICKETS RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY VERY SECOND!  ONE WITH HER NAME ON IT!   I feel mostly like this: