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Five Minutes of Henry.

I just wanted one sweet picture of him smiling without his sunglasses on! The pout: Singing into an invisible microphone! Here’s a video of our post-Thanksgiving dinner time, just hanging out… Edit entry Delete entry  

Thanksgiving & Fall Leaves. 0

Thanksgiving & Fall Leaves.

Apparently I thought Host Boy had gotten his visa but that was wrong information because I found out their visa appointment is actually this coming Thursday. I will continue holding my breath until then!  There should be no issues, but you know. The disorganization of Ukraine and timeline for the program is hard.  I desperately need to buy plane tickets to pick up Host Boy at Dulles but I’m not doing it until after he gets his visa at the embassy...

Thanksgiving Weekend via Instagram. 0

Thanksgiving Weekend via Instagram.

Alas, I am still alive and kicking.  I’ve been trying to declutter (again) so that we can find a place to squeeze our Christmas tree into this house. Very small rooms…not so good for decorating during the holidays.   Can’t believe Thanksgiving is already over for this year.  Time is going by so very fast it seems. We had dinner (lunch) at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving day.  That went ok.  We wore our bonnets just for the heck of it. (Ok...