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Spring Cleaning: The Expedit Shelving! 5

Spring Cleaning: The Expedit Shelving!

Since we saved up enough money to buy the Expedit shelves from Ikea, we decided to just keep on going and clean out the entire house. Well. That is a lot of work!  Still on-going…I’m hoping we can have it all finished by Saturday, when we’re having Ada’s birthday party. OMG did I just say that?  Ada’s first birthday party! Her actual birthday is this Thursday, the 21st of April.  We’re having family over for doggy cake on Saturday.  Can’t believe my squishy...

Ada Lucille…! 0

Ada Lucille…!

Ada is so very close to walking. She can pull up, glide along, and she lets go and just stands there.  The other day she took two steps on her own, from the desk cabinet to the piano right behind her, because she saw Tyler start playing the piano.  Without a thought she ran for it because she wanted to bang on the keys too.  Tyler and I both saw it.  We were like, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? She can also walk...

Woohoo! 2


Who knew getting new flooring could be so stressful?  I guess I didn’t realize they have to remove every little thing from the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom.  I also didn’t realize that tile took so long to set before you could walk on it. So we had no kitchen for 24 hours and no bathroom all day today.  That was fun. Now it’s finished and looking GREAT.  Thank goodness it’s over and done with and I can live in my house...