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Birth of the Womb Raiders: Words and Video.

Sometimes in life you are blessed with things you don’t ask for and never thought you would want. I distinctly remember telling my mother that discovering I was pregnant with twins would be one of my worst nightmares. Two babies at once, no freaking way I would want that to happen! And of course about a week after that I discovered I was pregnant with twins. I spent weeks, yes weeks, crying in horror. Not because I didn’t already love both...

8 week twin ultrasound OSU ER 3


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here! We’ve had an interesting half a year, that’s for sure. We became foster parents, and had three children placed in our home. Two brothers (18 months and 5 years), and one little girl who was 2.5. We’ve learned the hard way that the foster care system is extremely broken, unfair, and difficult to deal with. We had false accusations, lying case workers, and much unnecessary drama while we watched our foster children...