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Today is the Day. 0

Today is the Day.

Today is the day. TODAY IS THE DAY! They’re currently in the air from France to Atlanta. I haven’t really slept at all. I finally got up at 4 this morning. Henry and I left around noon yesterday. The drive went way better than I thought it would. (I normally panic on car trips, but thanks to the Zoloft I felt wonderful and it was actually pretty fun! I may have to make road trips more often now instead of avoiding...

Worst Road Trip EVER. 5

Worst Road Trip EVER.

This is a great blog entry.  One in which I admit to drugging my toddler and leaving my five year old alone with strange men outside a diner.  In other words, it’s a post about a bad day.  A really, really, REALLY bad day.  In hindsight it’s a tiny bit funny.  Just a teeny tiny bit.   We tried to go to meet friends from my April 2010 due date club yesterday in Asheville and it was a complete and total fail. ...