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Sweet Baby Boy! 1

Sweet Baby Boy!

For my birthday (which is in June coming up) my grandma paid for one last ultrasound. Just a last sneak peek at Baby H before August!  I’m so glad we did it, I loved seeing his face. The ultrasound tech said he’s very long and “good sized”, and his chest looks fluffy and chubby too. He also has hair!  She said he’s taking up every inch inside, which would be why I was up all last night unable to breathe. There’s...

Hi Baby Boy! 0

Hi Baby Boy!

Today was the anatomy ultrasound! I was super nervous.  The last time I saw my midwife I had ketones and glucose in my urine.  I’m very thin, so if I miss eating one meal or snack while pregnant I get ketones. I’ve never had glucose before and that concerned me a little.  The midwives I talked to all promised me that it could happen if I hadn’t eaten enough and then just had carbs and/or something really sweet.  I’d had Coke...

Ultrasound Day! 5

Ultrasound Day!

Look!! (Profile facing downward, spine on the top right with the heart, legs stretching out on the bottom left.) Long, long legs!  Little froggy. Can you see any between the legs bits here?? What about this 3D view?  (That’s not a hole in the head, it’s just a part the computer didn’t pick up.) Look at the little fingers! Hi!  Baby skull face! The sex of the baby was definitely not a mystery! It kept….popping up. He’s headless in this picture....