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Birth of the Womb Raiders: Words and Video.

Sometimes in life you are blessed with things you don’t ask for and never thought you would want. I distinctly remember telling my mother that discovering I was pregnant with twins would be one of my worst nightmares. Two babies at once, no freaking way I would want that to happen! And of course about a week after that I discovered I was pregnant with twins. I spent weeks, yes weeks, crying in horror. Not because I didn’t already love both...

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Tons of Pictures from February…

The kids with their cousin Lucy! The girls went to their cousin Lauren’s birthday party in Prestonsburg the next day with the in-laws. I think the girls had a blast at the party. These are pictures my FIL took there. While they were gone we visited with Tyler’s granny. It felt good to be back in Kentucky where everything is familiar. People smile at you, hold doors open, make friendly small talk, and their accents are soft on your ears. Columbus...

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Super Fun Water Balloon Fight!

A couple of weekends ago we went to my aunt and uncle’s house to visit with them and my cousins, who were here from out of state. Fun times were had by all. The kids keep asking when we can do that again! Ada was approaching with a water balloon… Victory daaaaaance! We also had the GoPro out. It was set in video mode, but also set to take pictures every five seconds. The results of those settings are so hit...

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Pigs, Pigs Everywhere!

Another catch-up entry! We also took Vlad to Slate Run Historical Farm. This is actually a metro park just south of Columbus and free to visit. I love this place. It reminds me of growing up as a kid on my family’s dairy farm. I so desperately wished to give my children this childhood too, but despite all of my attempts it hasn’t worked out yet. Henry chose his outfit. I couldn’t convince him to wear the matching shoes! This house...

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Vlad at the Zoo!

Now that I have a few moments I need to go back and catch up on sharing the pictures and videos from June! We took Vlad to the zoo a couple weeks ago. He loved it. I don’t think he’d ever been before. It was in the 90’s outside and very humid, so if you’re wondering why we’re all red and sweaty, and why Ada dumped water on her hair…yeah. Feeding the giraffes is always the best part, in my opinion...

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He’s here, he’s adorable, and he’s tiny. He was so excited to meet us. They showed him our picture and the letter we sent. Here’s a short video of his arrival and seeing our house for the first time. :) Lots more to come later!

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House Tour!

This is the final week without Vladik here. I know that no matter how hosting goes or what our relationship with Vladi ends up being, we will never be the same after. Each child we’ve hosted has changed us all as a family. I cannot describe the impact they make on all of us. Our hearts break for them, we love them, we struggle alongside them, we say goodbye to them and send pieces of our hearts back with them. My...

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Ada Turns Six!

I can’t believe my squishy baby is now six years old. It’s crazy, how did this go by so fast? I remember when I spent so many hours cuddling her, nursing her, and kissing her huge chipmunk cheeks. This was the first time Ada and Rosie met each other! And on her sixth birthday… She’s so big now. She’s spunky, and goofy, and really smart. Here’s a vlog of her birthday, ending with opening gifts and blowing out the candles on...

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Ballet Vlog!

  Here’s a vlog from Ada’s dance class last Thursday. Ada *really* wanted me to video her practicing for the recital coming up in May. After ballet we went to Chick-Fil-A, which is also in the vlog. This Thursday’s ballet class on Ada’s birthday. She’s so excited to tell her ballet teacher!

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Slo Mo Trampoline FUN!

Ok, so my voice in slo mo when jumping on the trampoline equals hilarity. I sound completely drunk and wasted. “Dooooo youuuuur magic moooooves…!” Can’t stop laughing. In the second half of this vlog Ada graphically loses her top front tooth. Huge milestone!