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The Birth of an Egg. 0

The Birth of an Egg.

Ever wondered how chickens lay eggs?  Here’s an up close and personal video of Rosie’s favorite little hen Jenny laying an egg.  Jenny is an OEGB, or an Old English Game Bantam. I highly recommend them as pet chickens for kids or small spaces.  Cute, friendly, and small.  You just use two eggs in place of one since their eggs are smaller. See the egg crowning and popping out…!  I have no idea why she was on the water dish and not in...

Flatline. 8


I’ve really been struggling with anxiety lately. I think Ada has broken me.  Worn me down until there is just nothing sane left. The problem is that she doesn’t sleep.  She tosses and turns and cries and wants to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG.  Every single night.  Not just a couple of bad nights, but every night. It’s beyond normal baby things.  It’s not due to nursing, or co-sleeping.  People love to blame it on those.  Rosie nursed and co-slept and had no...

Videos & Misc. Chatter 1

Videos & Misc. Chatter

Ada slept from 8 pm until 9 this morning, with some wakings to nurse but no actual awake screaming or anything. Unfortunately I was drowning in my own snot–damn cold!  I kept gagging every time I would drift off to sleep.  I gave up and took sudafed, which took the edge off of the drainage, but then it made me wide awake.  I’d rather be wide awake of my own accord than forced awake by an angry baby though.  I feel much better today rest-wise. ...

Little Red Riding Hood and the Ada Chich-nen. 4

Little Red Riding Hood and the Ada Chich-nen.

We have some kind of terrible illness that causes blisters all over the throat and mouth. Maybe Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease…maybe not.  Rosie recovered in just a few days except for a few lingering tongue sores, so I’m not going to waste a ton of money at the doctor. (Our co-pay is $35 per person.)  I’m sure it’s just a nasty virus, there’s nothing the doctor can give us to help.  It we had strep Rosie wouldn’t have recovered on...

10/7/2011 0


First, turned around to see this yesterday:   The bigger girls had been taking turns with the helmet and scooter.  When they got distracted and went off to play something else Ada immediately hopped on.  She was so proud of herself!  (I love that I can whip out my cell phone and capture these moments.) Yesterday I decided to do a test run of Halloween costumes.  We are thinking of dressing Ada as a monkey.  She thought the Old Navy outfit was hilarious...

Firsts for Rosie. 1

Firsts for Rosie.

While my blog has lain neglected we’ve had a lot of firsts around here. It seems like time is speeding up faster in Rosie’s life.  She’s getting more grown up by the second.  I don’t understand why this is happening! It’s a mixture of terrifying, amazing, exciting, and sad all at once. It started last week. One day she was complaining that her teeth were sore.  The next day she started screaming because something was terribly wrong with one bottom tooth. It was...

Happenings. 0


Ada accidentally took a nap yesterday. She usually doesn’t nap because that means she will stay up until after midnight, and I will do anything to keep that from happening.  Saturday and Sunday are the only days of the week I get Tyler at home in the evening.  I don’t like to waste those nights. We like to talk without small children screaming.  Maybe watch some TV together.  Or you know…other adult things. Anyway, Ada accidentally napped for three hours yesterday afternoon.  She woke...

Giggles. 1


She kept saying, “Again!”  (Ignore my laundry waiting to be hung up…I had better things to do than hang up jeans at the moment.)      

Ada in Action. 3

Ada in Action.

Ada is wearing me out.  She looks innocent, but don’t be fooled! She’s curious, and busy, and I’m 99% sure she has wheels for feet.         I can’t get anything done because she’s always climbing and into every little thing! God help me when she figures out how to open door knobs in the next month or so.  (We can’t get those door knob covers because then Rosie couldn’t get the doors open.)   Ada can climb like...

Rosie is done nursing. 37

Rosie is done nursing.

I remember how much I first struggled to get Rosie to nurse when she was a newborn. She wouldn’t latch on.  She just wouldn’t.  She arched her back and screamed. I didn’t know what to do. I thought she hated me.  I remember one night, when we’d only been home from the hospital for maybe a day or two, I laid her down on the bed and sobbed and sobbed because I was certain she hated me and that was why she reacted so strongly every...