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Fleece Bags. 3

Fleece Bags.

We woke up this morning to four inches of snow on the ground.  It usually doesn’t snow much in December, this is like January weather.  Strange! The average day time high temp for December here is 45 degrees.  Today the high was 21 degrees.  Brrr. Rosie is still seriously struggling with her attitude issues.  She was fine all weekend, but then today she’s been horrible.  And you know what?  It’s because she knew Tyler was going back to work tonight.  I feel...

Welcoming Baby Ada. 0

Welcoming Baby Ada.

The first part to this, along with her birth video, is in the previous entry. For those who asked, Ada is pronounced like the letter A at the beginning. A-duh. Or Aid-ah, if you’d rather… Everything is going so smoothly this time, in comparison to the horrible time I had after Rosie’s birth. Baby Ada knows how to nurse so well! She latched on shortly after birth and didn’t stop nursing voluntarily for almost the entire first 24 hours. My milk...

Baby Ada’s Birth Day. 12

Baby Ada’s Birth Day.

I feel as if I am completely in awe. Did any of this actually happen? It’s all so unbelievable, the entire pregnancy I’ve felt a since of disbelief. After my miscarriage I was afraid to trust that I could have a real live baby. I didn’t want my heart broken again. Even after three healthy ultrasounds I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the image of a healthy baby. Once you realize that it can all change in an instant, it’s...