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Visit to Granny’s House. 0

Visit to Granny’s House.

Waiting is hard.  I’m still waiting for everything–for Tyler to get hired on, to be able to move, to ever get pregnant again, and now for K to get here, to see what happens with hosting and adoption. All of the waiting really gets me down.  I feel like I am in control of absolutely nothing.  Because, well, I’m not in control of any of these things.  I can’t make any of it happen faster, or happen the way I want.  I just have...

Surprise Birthday Present! 3

Surprise Birthday Present!

Today is my birthday.  I’m now the ripe old age of 26. To be honest it wasn’t a very great birthday.  The girls have been sick with a cold and Ada hasn’t slept more than two hours in the past three days. I am totally exhausted, like to the point of being non-functional. When I went out to check on our chicks this morning something had eaten the skin off of the head of one chick.  The poor little thing was still alive,...