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Wedding Weekend!

My sister’s wedding is this coming weekend. I’m so excited! It’s surreal though–I remember when she was just a baby, I used to change her diapers. Now she’s getting married. Really? How did this happen? I’m doing the photography for her wedding, which will be fun. The wedding is at a local winery. It’s gorgeous there. I’m crossing my fingers for perfect sunny weather. I don’t have a good picture of the view from the winery. It’s located near the cabin...

Fall is creeping up on us. 0

Fall is creeping up on us.

Father/daughter dance from the wedding I did this weekend: Laughing bride’s maids… The wedding itself was difficult.  The minister was an older man who didn’t like wedding photographers, clearly.  He said we weren’t allowed to be in his line of sight at all during the service, not allowed to get anywhere near the stage, and not allowed to use flash. Why the minister gets to tell the photographers what to do is beyond me–if I was the bride I would be angry!  She’s the...

A Sunset Wedding. 0

A Sunset Wedding.

Tonight I photographed another wedding. I’m really enjoying these, I wish I had more booked. I just have one more coming up, next weekend, and I’m only assisting another photographer. I need to figure out how to advertise properly or something.  There’s a lot of competition, and I’m still learning so…yeah.   This wedding was outside right at sunset.  The light was fading fast, it was almost too dark…but not quite! The sun was a huge blazing orange ball rapidly sinking below the horizon.  Absolutely...