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Please See These Kids!

Love First Ministries is the organization that we host Igor with. Here is their website, and their Facebook page. http://www.lovefirstministries.org/ https://www.facebook.com/Love-First-Ministries-1539258289638831/ They still have a handful of children waiting to be chosen for winter hosting this year! The following children are at Igor’s orphanage. I have known them for several years now, on social media, at the airport, on Skype, and through other families who have adopted from the orphanage. This is K. She will be aging out this year. She...


Big Change of Plans…!

On Tuesday night of last week one of the coordinators from the host program called me. She was very upset. She said that Max’s director at the orphanage didn’t want him to come for hosting any longer. She was crying because she knew how excited we were and she was just heartbroken for our family. This has happened to us (and only us!) multiple times now–our host kid cannot come at the last minute. We had a Russian speaking friend call...


Ferdinand & The Home Study

  This is Ferdinand. He belongs to the farm across the road from our subdivision. The farm is run by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Yes, nuns. But they are white older ladies who are very much from America, so I’m not clear about the Dominican aspect of it. I started the volunteer application process for the farm this weekend. I’m so excited. They have 160 acres with sheep, the guard llama pictured above, chickens, a turkey, bees, gardens, a greenhouse,...


Hosting Update!

Quick update on our fundraising for Max: We’re getting so much closer. Yay! Can’t wait to meet this little guy. We only have about $800 left to go. :D Here’s our YouCaring page. And look at our Facebook event…we only have the last row of numbers to check off on our grid in order to be fully funded! The money for hosting is due next week, and there are only 65 days until the kids arrive. Can’t wait!


Ready, Set, Go!

I have the official green light for Max! We’re still sad about Igor, but I think things will have a way of working out for everyone in the end. At least I hope so. If it’s ok, it’s not the end. Right? We’re going to be hosting Max with Children’s Cultural Connection. The cost for hosting with them is $2,900. Money is the worst part of hosting. :( They want a $1,450 deposit right away. HAHAHA. :O Then I believe the...


Prepare Thyselves–

Last summer there was a picture of one boy on the photo listing for www.heartforhosting.org, which is the group Igor was hosted through the first two times. This boy’s picture really stood out to me. But we had just re-discovered Igor listed with the other agency, and we had committed to hosting him and seeing how everything played out. We all know how Igor’s story is going. It’s heartbreaking. We love him so much. My heart wants to keep him forever, host...

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The Full Story (of Igor, Forever & Ever.)

Look who it is!! An online friend I met through the hosting group (Children’s Cultural Connection) arrived at Igor’s orphanage to adopt her summer host siblings. She posted this picture of Igor for me. He was on his way to school this morning when they got there. All of the kids in Ukraine dress up in suits and white shirts for school. It’s part of their culture. Igor looks so happy! I’m not sure if they told him who the picture...

Departure Pictures & Happy Videos. 0

Departure Pictures & Happy Videos.

Some of the later pictures were taken by the chaperone after he went through security. The one with the kids eating McDonald’s at their layover kills me. His face is so sad. My heart is heavy. One of the girls from Igor’s orphanage said this morning that she was having trouble getting the iPod touch we gave him to connect to the internet, but Igor managed to send Tyler an email. All it said was, “I love you.” Hopefully once he...

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Igor got an antibiotic for his tooth. It was abscessed. The antibiotic started helping by the next morning. The dentist didn’t pull the tooth because it was a baby tooth that was about to fall out anyway. They decided pulling it would be traumatic for Igor at this point. Unfortunately yesterday afternoon when we were packing his things to drive to Indianapolis he kind of freaked out and started rearranging stuff, dumped out everything on the table, and “helped” me by...

Crumbled Tooth. 0

Crumbled Tooth.

I spent last night awake with Igor comforting him because he had a toothache. I wish we had taken him to the dentist. We just didn’t have time with the holidays and his stay being so short. I looked in his mouth last night and he has a black crumbling molar. He had a low grade fever and he was in a lot of pain. I feel so bad for him! We watched Russian cartoons and eventually I convinced him to...