Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
Does A New Commercial Roof Increase Property Value?

With an ROI of approximately 60% on average, a commercial roof replacement is a considerable investment compared to other forms of real estate construction. Additionally, a brand-new roofing system can offer the potentially more profitable benefit of increased property value. If you’re contemplating moving your business and selling the building, a state-of-the-art roof will undeniably contribute to augmenting your property’s market value. While different types of commercial roofing systems may have individual advantages or disadvantages, any new roof is bound to boost your asking price, thanks to these money-saving perks.



When it comes to many of the most essential things in life, looks aren’t everything. When it comes to selling your commercial property, however, an appealing exterior certainly helps. A property that appears well-maintained and modern will perform better on the market. A new roofing system helps enhance the appearance of your building, attracting more prospective buyers.


Structural Integrity

The roof is a crucial line of defense against the elements. An old, crumbling roof is more likely to result in structural damage such as water leakage, mold growth, pest infestations, ruined insulation, and ponded water weighing heavily on other internal systems. A total roof replacement ensures that these issues are few and far between and that the building remains safe and sound for employees and customers. The commercial property will sell for a higher price point when there are no impending threats to the building’s structural integrity.


Energy Efficiency

Your roofing system can play a significant role in the energy efficiency of the building in a few ways. First, a weather-tight roof with minimal seams and penetrations allows very little airflow between the interior and exterior of the building. Top-quality insulation also acts as a barrier between temperature differences. Secondly, a brand-new roofing membrane clear of water stains and debris has superior reflectivity — the ability to divert heat from the sun’s rays. All these characteristics combined serve to keep the heating and cooling inside the building and keep the seasonal weather outside. Less strain on the HVAC system and saving hard-earned dollars on the electric bill can be astronomical perks both to you as the facility manager and to interested buyers.



A new commercial roof does not possess any pre-existing structural damage. As such, the building owner will inevitably pay less time and money on constant repairs. Older damaged roofing tends to show persistent problems that keep popping up even after repairs are made. If your roof is at this point, replacement would be more justified than continuing to limp along on costly minor repairs, especially if you plan on selling the property. Buyers are willing to pay more for a property with new roofing, knowing that they won’t have to replace the roof out of pocket or deal with continual patches. Considering the average lifespan of a roof is 50 years, a new roof equates to decades’ worth of value.


Longer Warranties

Even if something happens to go wrong with the new roofing system within the first few years, it may be covered by the manufacturer’s or contractor’s warranty. Older roofs whose warranties are long expired or about to expire therefore won’t carry as much value as those with a fresh warranty. Legal protection from failed parts or improper installation offers the property’s future inheritor some highly coveted security from financial risk.

Ownership of a commercial property can become an investment opportunity if you are savvy enough to use it as such. While a roof replacement is most certainly a tremendous investment at the outset, the return comes from savings on long-term roofing and building repairs, energy usage, and warranty-covered damages. You get to benefit from all these savings if you end up keeping your commercial property, and if you sell, the markup in property value will turn a pretty penny in your favor.


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