Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
Wholesale Jacket

Vannes is a brand where you can buy your jackets wholesale and securely. We offer you jackets that you can use comfortably as a complement to your combinations in all seasons, with the opportunity of wholesale shopping. We bring together the best quality products at the most affordable prices with our customers. Our jackets are 100% original product-guaranteed jackets. As a brand, we prioritize the comfort of women as much as they look beautiful. Our products are special to our brand, from the fabrics we use to the molds of our jackets. Our jackets have two forms, long sleeves, and short sleeves. Our jackets come in a wide range of colors with pink, green, navy blue, white, orange, and black colors. You can find straight and blazer cut models in our brand, which offers you a wide selection area with 17 different color options.

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As the size option, small size 36-42 and large size 44-50 sets are available. You can shop online securely on our site. You can easily review our products and make payments through our website. You can quickly find the most suitable model and color for you using filtering methods. We also offer our customers the opportunity to quickly access the stock information of the models they want. We also provide free shipping to our customers in wholesale jacket models. We have easy return or exchange services. Our brand, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, is the most reliable address you can choose from in your wholesale purchases.


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