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Trekking in Goa: 7 Undiscovered Trekking Spots

An overview

Most visitors go to Goa to party and relax. However, the state has more than gorgeous beaches. If you’re looking for a different experience on your visit to this popular tourist spot by introducing a bit of adventure, there are some less-known treks in Goa to explore.

In Goa, trekking

Have a look at these trek routes in Goa which are guaranteed to delight the adventurous in you.

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If you’re looking to feel at the the top on the planet, take for a hike up Sonsogor with one of Goa’s three highest summits. Perhaps it’s not the greatest, but it’s the highest point in Goa. Aren’t you thinking that’s not too bad? Although this hike only lasts about two hours, hikers visit the spot frequently to take in the Goan vegetation.

The town sponsor is located in Goa.

The best way to reach it: Many buses travel to this Goa hiker’s paradise. Also, whether you fly in to Goa and arriving from one of the railway stations, the buses will take you there.

Difficulty Level: Easy

The months from November through January are perfect for visiting.

Also, see the Indian Waterfalls

Trek to Satregad Fort

This trail of 16 kilometers winds through hills, valleys, and waterfalls, which bring to life every picture of nature you’ve ever witnessed. Satregad is, on the other it’s a trekking destination that provides much more than a walk.

The structure that is the Satregad Fort, which is situated here, is a reflection of Portuguese as well as British influences. It is also home to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is also an excellent spot to view Royal Bengal Tigers, the country’s most popular animal.

Nagargaon is a town located in Goa.

How to reach the spot To get there, from Panaji you can take the local bus or taxi shared with others that take you to the place.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Important Notification: Avoid visiting during monsoon time.

Trek to the Netravali Waterfalls

The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is home to this hike that is 13 km long. Take note of the views you’ll get. There are animals like the Malabar enormous squirrel Indian bisons, the four-horned leopard, antelope and more. Keep your eyes open and your binoculars ready to spot these amazing bird species when you go hiking.

Pale is one of the towns located in Goa.

How to reach How to get there: To get there from Margao city, you can take the local bus, or a taxi.

Difficulty Level: Medium

It is the best time of year to travel to the beach is during June.

Trek to Pali Waterfalls

The Pali Waterfalls are a hidden treasure located in Valpoi that is dotted with the slick rock, thorns and even plants. The hike is 6 km in length and fairly easy. This waterfall lies in lush forest in the Karnataka-Karnataka border. The forest is rich and offers plenty of opportunities to view various animals and birds. While walking some hikers have claimed to have seen several of the stunning insects and even birds.

Pale is one of the towns located in Goa.

Pali Waterfall is accessible by bus , either from Panaji and Mapusa.

Difficulty Level: Easy

On the way make sure to stop at Budbudyachi Tallem, a gushing lake.

Trekking in Udaan Dongor

It is the Udaan Dongor trekking trip is approximately 16 km long and takes around six hours to complete. It begins in Panjim and ends in Goa’s fourth-highest mountain. The views are stunning and the area is rich in biodiversity with lush greenery and plenty of animals. It’s an excellent chance for wildlife and nature photographers to capture Goa’s stunning natural beauty. Consume dried fruits, chocolates and even water.

Valpoi is a town located in Goa.

How do I get there? Panjim is accessible by taxi or bus from all regions of Goa.

Difficulty Level: Medium

From June through February 6 is the ideal time to go.

Trekking in Sanguem

The thrilling route of this difficult trek located in South Goa is about 15 kilometers long and quite high. Are you sure this will be interesting for you as an adrenaline addict? It’s also located in Sanguem that is home to other tourist destinations like Mollem National Park, Sagameshwar Temple in addition to Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. Following your trip you’ll be able to come back the following day to explore these places.

Sanguem Taluka is located in South Goa.

The best way to reach Sanguem: Go towards South Goa and catch a local bus to Sanguem.

Medium November to February is the most ideal time to go.

Mountain Trekking in Bagheri

Are you a seasoned hiker looking for new adventures in Goa? The Bagheri Trek might be the perfect choice for you. The Bagheri Mountain is one of Goa’s highest hills with a breathtaking views of Goa’s city. The climb to Chorla Ghats to Bagheri Mountain lasts about an hour and covers 7 km. But, the terrain can be quite difficult at times, which will satisfy the expert within you. However it is recommended to hire an expert to assist you in the procedure in a manner that is thorough.

Location: Goa, Zorman

Chorla Ghats is accessible by numerous local taxis and buses from a variety of places in Goa.

Difficulty Level: A little difficult

The most ideal time to travel The best time to go is June through September.



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